Questions to Ponder to regain our Sense of Righteousness

Even as you wage this battle yourself, look around you in your organization and ask yourself: –

  1. Do I see evidence of this evil influence in the lives of my members (including leaders as well)?
  2. Are my members struggling with the issues of doubt and confusion as a result of fabricated slanders and malicious lies hurled at SGM?

If so then please help them to overcome this devilish and evil influence as well so that they can stand up to fight in this battle against the slander of the Law with all sort of malicious lies and falsehood!

Although it may seem there are only very few “confused or misled” members on the surface, but when we look at how many people in our organization that have been influenced by the evil functions of NBA, Traitors and Ingrate, especially those rebellious sympathizers from within SGM (“NBA/anti-Gakkai”), then you will realize it is not as trivial as you first thought. Some of them are refusing to have dialogues with pro-Gakkai leaders, some are unwilling to heed GD’s advice of not spreading rumors, some are unable to stand up and refute the unfounded allegations, some are cunningly planting doubts in members’ minds – you may find that the evil forces of NBA/anti-Gakkai is more pervasive throughout our membership than we think.

We have a big battle to fight to overcome this evil influence.

The Gosho states:   Neither non-Buddhists nor the enemies of Buddhism can destroy the correct teaching of the Thus Come One, but the Buddha’s disciples definitely can. As a sutra says, only worms born of the lion’s body feed on the lion. A person of great fortune will never be ruined by enemies, but may be ruined by those who are close.” (Letter from Sado, WND-I page 302)

Hence, the most important thing to do now is to clearly identify our enemy, i.e. NBA/anti-Gakkai people that are still hiding within Gakkai (“Traitors and Ingrate”).

We have to know clearly who our enemy is:

  1. Who is he that causes us to suffer?
  2. Who is he that disrupts the unity of our organization?
  3. Who is he that discredits and defames General Director, Executive Central Committee members and SGM with malicious falsehood?
  4. Who is he that destroys the truth of Buddhism and our Buddhist practice to fit their personal gain or self-fulfilling agenda?

We should be courageous, persistent and acquire the Buddha wisdom and Buddha life-force so that nothing of the Traitors and Ingrate’s work in the dark with malicious intent will escape our observation.

The Importance of Refuting Evil and Imparting The Truth

Nichiren’s Buddhism clearly demands that practitioners fight with the same spirit as the founder, and we should stand up and take measures to deal with these slanders against the Law and bring peace and happiness to our comrades in faith and SGM without any further delay.

I would like to quote from Toda Sensei and Ikeda Sensei on why everyone should refute evil and impart the truth:

“To remain silent and passive in the face of evil is itself an evil act. As founding Soka Gakkai President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi noted, those who pretend not to see a wrong or injustice are, by their silence, contributing to its escalation and end up no different from the wrongdoers. Kosen-rufu is a struggle of words and ideas. As such, we must fight resolutely against erroneous ideas and falsehoods that cause people suffering and misery.”

“Let me again share some teachings of Mr. Toda. On one occasion, he said: ‘People who are lax toward evil, people who do not fight against wrong, no matter how good-natured they are or how impressive they may appear on the surface, ultimately have no principles, no convictions. They have no real character, either. They are devious, self-serving individuals.’ “

“Always speak out boldly against wrongdoing. Don’t be timid or cowardly. Cowardice is a form of dishonesty, and dishonesty is evil.”

“Those who neither act nor speak out against wrongdoing when they see it will be guilty of the same offense. This will only erase the good fortune and benefit that they have accumulated thus far.”

“The truly good are those who battle against evil. Buddhism entails a constant struggle against the devilish functions that cause people misery. It is proper and just to strictly refute evil.”

“To do the right thing, one must be strong; without strength, one will not be able to uphold what is right. Justice and courage are inseparable.”

“The members [of Kansai] have the courage to “refute the erroneous and reveal the true.” They actively take on formidable adversaries who seek to destroy Buddhism, “raising their voices all the more and admonishing [slander of the Law],” just as the Daishonin urges. They speak out for what is right, hitting back with ten words of truth for every word of malicious falsehood. “The voice does the Buddha’s work” — this is the essence of Buddhism. The sound of voices of valor are the exhilarating driving force of undefeated victory. ” (Poem, “Why Kansai Won”)

The True Spirit of Shakubuku

Let us also learn from Gosho passages on the importance of speaking out against slander and the spirit of protecting the true teaching by reproaching evil friend:

The Nirvana Sutra states: “If even a good monk sees someone destroying the teaching and disregards him, failing to reproach him, to oust him, or to punish him for his offense, then you should realize that that monk is betraying the Buddha’s teaching. But if he ousts the destroyer of the Law, reproaches him, or punishes him, then he is my disciple and a true voice-hearer.””  (The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood, WND-I, page 747)

“To hope to attain Buddhahood without speaking out against slander is as futile as trying to find water in the midst of fire or fire in the midst of water. No matter how sincerely one believes in the Lotus Sutra, if one is guilty of failing to rebuke slander of the Law, one will surely fall into hell, just as a single crab leg will ruin a thousand pots of lacquer.” (The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood, WND-I, page 747)

“Therefore the Nirvana Sutra states: “Bodhisattvas and mahāsattvas, have no fear of mad elephants. What you should fear are evil friends! Why? Because a mad elephant can only destroy your body; it cannot destroy your mind. But an evil friend can destroy both body and mind……Even if you are killed by a mad elephant, you will not fall into the three evil paths. But if you are killed by an evil friend, you are certain to fall into them…..”” (On the Protection of The Nation, WND-II, page 135)

“Now is the time when, because the impurity of thought prevails, more people fall into the evil paths with the intention of creating good causes than they do by committing evil.” (Encouragement to a Sick Person, WND-I, page 78)

“But people think that good deeds are all equal in their goodness; thus they adhere to lesser good and do not realize that, in doing so, they bring about major evil…….You should understand from the above that even if one performs a good deed, should it be an act of lesser good that destroys great good, it will cause one to fall into the evil paths.” (Encouragement to a Sick Person, WND-I, page 78)

Therefore, turning a blind eye towards fabricated slanders and malicious lies hurled at SGM is same as committing evils. It is time for us to take a stand to be a true disciple. When this organization of Buddha’s will and decree is under attack, refuting evil and imparting the true is the mission of a true disciple. We should have the compassion to strongly refute the wrong doings of rebellious sympathizers from within SGM so that they will not fall into the evil path. This is the true spirit of shakubuku.