I recently come to know that a small number of leaders appeared to be “questionably” lax or rather pretentiously ignorant yet condoning toward evil. They even articulate their displeasure and disagreement that it is never right for whoever in SGM to take part in challenging evil thoughts or refuting malicious lies and falsehood against General Director, Executive Central Committee and SGM as a whole, including those proper actions taken by leaders of SGM to circulate Soka Spirit Newsletter or video to rebuke the evil falsehood spread by NBA and their rebellious sympathizers (“Traitors & Ingrate”).

They question our pro-active initiatives toward reaching out and protecting our members who may be confused or misled by all such malicious falsehood and lies (“Evil Forces”).

To make the situation worse, we too have a very confused and misguided MD leader (whom pride himself as an eloquent writer and speaker) asking us to subscribe to one “quietly revolt” evil blog. This evil blog appears to be written by someone who is very eloquent in writing and indulged in making sarcastic remarks against senior Gakkai leaders. The fact is this blog is so apparently evil and destructive and it speaks openly to demonize SGM. This evil blog always champion malicious attacks, elaborate half-truth, falsehood and deception to defy and betray Ikeda Sensei and destroy the Truth of Buddhism.

Why let ourselves to be disempowered, remain silent and refrained from refuting the evil? Do we want to let the Evil Forces escaped scot free? Allowing Traitors & Ingrate to continue to wreak havoc and disrupt SGM is compassionate?

In Buddhism, the Evil Forces must always be thoroughly rebuked for every moment in order to clarify and reveal the TRUTH.

I wonder what is the ulterior motive at work in the hearts of those leaders who are reluctant or refuse to rebuke the Evil Forces when they come to disrupt our Buddhist practice and the unity of our organization that carry out the Buddha’s will and decree?

It was indeed horribly wrong beyond description!

How apathetic and self-absorbed those leaders have become (some are still hiding in the dark within Gakkai). It shows how lacking in compassion they have become.

It is further evidence that they have lost their sense of mission to care for our members, and, they defied Sensei’s guidance in requesting us to support and center around the leadership of GD & WD Chief of SGM. They have proven themselves to be deviated from the path of Oneness of Master and Disciple.

Here goes a strong reminder to those leaders “Please quit if you do not follow Ikeda Sensei’s guidance” as quoted by Dr. Ouchi.

Ikeda Sensei had reminded us, “Buddhist compassion entails fighting against traitors and ingrates. The Soka Gakkai is the most joyful and harmonious realm in the entire universe. We cannot permit devilish forces to destroy it. We must never let even one individual with evil intentions come anywhere near our noble organization.” This is how devilish function gradually erodes the mind of faith and destroys the fortress of kosen-rufu, the castle of capable people!

In Buddhism, EVERY MOMENT is a BATTLE between the BUDDHA and the DEVIL within, our own lives. We have to solidify and reaffirm our conviction in fighting evils.

It is no mere coincidence that President Ikeda is constantly rebuking the evils and slanders. It is to remind us and inject conviction within us.

Anything that hinders or disrupts us from this Buddhist practice and our passion for kosen-rufu is a working of the devil.

My dear comrades, we must not take this Buddha Enemy lightly. One must choose to TAKE A STAND to protect Sensei and SGM, no matter what! One must choose his or her mission. One must choose to accept one’s identity as a Bodhisattva of the Earth.

But the Evil Forces maliciously manufactured by Traitors & Ingrates (including that of rebellious sympathizers that are still hiding in SGM) is very real and it is not easily recognized when we come under its influence.

Creating awareness and explaining this to our members is indeed the COMPASSIONATE ACT OF SHAKUBUKU, in no way we are disrupting or swaying away from Shakubuku!

We would be an organization Totally Void of Compassion and Mercy if we FAILED TO WARN OUR MEMBERS of this Evil Forces and Failed to Guide them toward the Path of Correct Faith – for that, it has been supported and guided by the below guidance from Mr. Toda and Ikeda Sensei:

Josei Toda, “Those who do not despise hypocrisy are hypocrites themselves. People of justice are outraged by injustice and fight against it.”

Ikeda Sensei, “Both SGI’s pride and tradition exists in the spirit of refuting evil thoughts and erroneous beliefs (that will misguide people into suffering and misery). Never ever yield to any form of injustice or malicious lies!”

Please respond, and all of us must be pro-active rather than taking a reactive stance to wait for something to happen, and fight this Evil Forces to protect our Sensei and SGM. We must solidify and strengthen the members in our organization, and reach out to our members who may be confused.

It is also important to initiate dialogue with those members within SGM, especially those may be tainted by the Evil Forces spread by Traitors or Rebellious Sympathizers or via Evil Blogs. They are still confused and feel unsure about the essence of those malicious lies and falsehood manufactured by Evil Forces in the name of so-called questionable “Justice Group” or “Vicious Whistle-blower” with malicious intent to discredit and demonize General Director, Executive Central Committe & SGM.

Please make efforts to chant, pray and reach out to these members. They MUST BE PROTECTED as well. THIS IS ALSO SHAKUBUKU!

It is important to solidify the organization along the path of Correct Faith from within by reaching out to every individual.

Our challenge is to make sure everyone without exception clearly understand what this issue is all about beginning with heart-to-heart dialogue. We must ensure they will not be misled by Evil Forces. Through these efforts we can solidify the inner state of each member and in our organization.

It is a precious and golden opportunity for everyone to deepen their faith and understand what it means to practice the correct faith.

Please go all out to the forefront, home visit as many members as possible and awaken them from confusions and loss of passion for kosen-rufu and relieve them from sufferings caused by Evil Forces.

It is only through this fight then we will understand the Daishonin’s heart and spirit.

Once your eyes are opened to this Evil Forces you can easily defeat it by chanting abundant Daimoku to break the workings of the devil within yourself and within our organization.

…..to be continued