Who intentionally created the “Black Day” on 08th Jan, 2017?

Who intentionally created the “Black Day” on 08th Jan, 2017?

On January 8, 2017, approximately 9.30am, a group of about 20 Soka Gakkai leaders came somewhat prepared to create a scene in front of the Ikeda Peace Auditorium (IPA), recording the darkest moment in the history of Soka Gakkai Malaysia.

It started with “Huat Gor” whose leadership position had been terminated by the organization attempting to enter IPA by force, followed by “Mark Gor”(MG) and his wife “Ling Jie” (LJ). LJ, who is said to have practiced Nichiren Buddhism for many decades, began to shout at the protection group personnel, supported by some 20 to 25 other leaders and members. Then an “Ah Lim” began video tapping with a “Viewcam” that which he appeared to have prepared in advance, while MG and LJ attempted to enter IPA by force. To avoid interruption of the meeting in progress, the protection group personnel decided to close the glass door. To their greatest surprise, these group of ex-leaders as if being in the state of anger, resorted to banging on the glass door. Responding to the situation, the Great Wall security personnel decided to form a human barricade with many leaders joining in and chanting daimoku at the same time praying with the hope to calm the situation. Sadly, these ex-leaders continued to shout and hurl insults at the people forming the barricade. A Mr. Lee, a leader among them, even went as far as calling the protection group personnel “dogs”, displaying very rough behavior and conduct that was unbecoming for a Buddhist practitioner. Realizing the situation was becoming chaotic and urgent, the protection group personnel decided to call the Police for assistance. To the utter disbelief of those present, these same group of ex-leaders threatened to beat some people up, including an elderly Women’s Division member before the arrival of the Police personnel. Fortunately, they were stopped by those present.

Noticing the arrival of the Police personnel, some of these ex-leaders disappeared into the crowd while others decided to continue their shouting and video tapping. The Police personnel had to order them to stop the video tapping and calm down, and requested a representative from each side to talk, while some of them still continue to shout further away from the scene. The situation was finally brought to order with the assistance of the Police personnel and these ex-leaders finally agreed to wait for the meeting at IPA to finish.

We were very touched by proactive action, the spirit and unity to protect the organization exhibited by not only the Great Wall Protection Group, also the four divisions of Men’s Division, Women’s Division, Young Men’s Division and Young Women’s Division.

We have heard feedback from leaders who were present expressing that this group of ex-leaders had brought shame to Soka Gakkai and damaged its good reputation with their conduct and behavior unbecoming of a Buddhist practitioner. It is worth noting that there were two newspaper reporters who had come to cover the incident. They were stopped by the security personal at the main entrance of Bunka Kaikan.

We believe the whole incident was carefully planned and orchestrated in collaboration with the people behind “Daylight”, with the preplanned objective to report it in “Daylight” to create doubts and mistrust against the leadership of Soka Gakkai Malaysia by painting a distorted picture of how Soka Gakkai Malaysia allegedly mistreat its leaders and members.

We shall list down the following pointers for you to decide for yourself if there was a hidden objective to sabotage Soka Gakkai Malaysia:

  1. Why did they bring the “Viewcam” in the first place? And they posted the picture and video recording in on Facebook immediately after the incident! They came to create trouble and accused others of wrongdoing. Unbelievable! The truth shall prevail. Only time will tell.
  2. Why did “Daylight” uploaded the article “Black Day” on the same day of the incident? Intentionally and completely distorting the facts of the incident? The utterly dishonest state of mind of the publisher of “Daylight” is deplorable! They completely misreported and distorted a case of ex-leaders causing disturbance at Soka Gakkai Malaysia and turning it into a case of Soka Gakkai Malaysia mistreating its leaders and members. How unscrupulous, dishonest and malicious can they be?
  3. Who informed the reporters to cover the incident? What is the objective? It almost appears that their objective to smear Soka Gakkai Malaysia must be achieved at all costs, even if it calls for the newspaper in addition to the social media.
  4. Did you believe that Soka Gakkai Malaysia would remove a leader’s position without meeting and dialogue with him or her? Or could it be that the leader could not be contacted, refused to answer the phone or refuse to respond to numerous requests for dialogue? We believe the former cannot be true. We have been informed that a senior leader of SGM had tried to contact and meet with MG on numerous occasions to no avail. He later decided to meet with MG when he found out that MG would be on Great Wall Protection Group duty at Imbi Kaikan. To the senior leader’s surprise, MG refused to dialogue with him. Would it be SGM’s fault to remove them as leaders if leaders were to use their leadership position to continuously sabotage and speak against SGM?
  5. Although we are not certain if the leaders were terminated within 24 hours, we are amazed at the speed with which they were able to stage such an act as the Jan 8 incident within such a short time. One cannot help but wonder what they could have accomplished if they were given one week.
  6. Would you stage such an act to sabotage the organization which Toda Sensei considered as more precious than his life if you were one day requested to relinquish your role as a leader to become an ordinary member? Do these leaders still feel grateful for their mentor?
  7. Is it wrong to seek the assistance of the Police to deal with a group of people who continue to shout and show no respect for rules and order of the organization, who displayed violent behavior towards an elderly woman? How could one be assured that things won’t get out of hand? Would you call the Police for help if you find similar people at your front gate?
  8. Would a true Buddhist practitioner call someone a “dog” and since “Daylight” claims to fight for justice, why then “Daylight” did not write about this unjust treatment of the protection group personnel by these ex-leaders?
  9. “Daylight” is pronged to sensationalize their writing. For those who are not fully aware of the real situation may be misled to sympathize with them and further lead to hold grudges against SGM, parting their ways with SGM and thereby fall into the depths of suffering.
  10. Ah Lim has made the recording of the incident. We wonder why the full coverage of the incident has not been published. It would be clear who was shrewish, shouting and swearing if they had published the unedited version of the video.
  11. “Daylight” criticized the General Director for not meeting with these ex-leaders. We wonder how anyone could possibly talk to a group of shouting and screaming people who appeared to be extremely mad and unreasonably demanding. The consequences of consenting to their unreasonable demand would be unthinkable.
  12. Please review the pictures and video uploaded here ( https://www.mylionroar.com/featured-videos-and-photos-for-1-8-incident/ ) and come to your own conclusion if these ex-leaders have conducted themselves appropriately. Are they good examples of persons of good faith? Could they possibly guide the members on the correct path of faith?

Buddhism is reason. One shall reap what he sows. We call upon all members of SGM not to indulge and believe in speculations and baseless reporting on the internet which would lead you into the depths of suffering of doubts and anger, falling into the traps of the devils. If they had proof of wrongdoing they would not hesitate for a moment to involve the Police. They have fabricated everything. It is our hope that leaders and members alike spend more time reading Gosho and Mr. Ikeda’s guidance in faith so that we could perceive the true nature of matters through the eyes of faith. We should all pray to the Gohonzon with a vow that SGM shall win over all these devilish functions.

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