NBA has Forgotten Their Original Purpose

At first they called themselves RJ (rescue Johor) and then NBA (Nichiren Buddhist Association). Recently, the original NBA (Skudai) branch registered in another name Persatuan Penganut Saddharma Pundarika Sutra Malaysia. In their recent event the new organization has taken over NBA as the prime in their promotional material, even the newspaper interview, Persatuan Penganut Saddharma Pundarika Sutra Malaysia took the main stage and NBA was not even mentioned.

Nichiren Shu priests were invited to grace their big occasion. SKT and SGM VGD LKK were with them, we were not suprised at all. In April and May 2015 SKT and LKK were among the 12 SGM national leaders in Johor supporting RJ which resulted a huge number of ignorant members and grassroots leaders into believing and following them.


Not long ago, they collaborated with NS Indonesia and obtained Gohonzon from a temple, believed to be from Shoshinkai group. The Shoshinkai were the groups of priests behind the plot of President Ikeda’s resignation in 1979.

Today the newly registered organization Persatuan Penganut Saddharma Pundarika Sutra Malaysia is associated with the Nichiren Shu priests. We all knew Nichiren Shu originated from the five senior priests who deviated from Nichiren Daishonin’s teaching and betrayed Nikko Shonin.

Oh my gosh, what are they doing and where are they going to do next?

“If you want to understand the causes that existed in the past, look at the results as they are manifested in the present. And if you want to understand what results will be manifested in the future, look at the causes that exist in the present” ( WND 1 Pg 279)

They claimed that they started RJ to rescue Johor organization, and then they registered NBA, claiming their objective is to reform Nichiren Buddhism but now the original purpose has totally been forgotten. It is obviously a ploy to deceive their innocent followers, ex-gakkai leaders and members whom so naively believed these leaders with evil intention and personal agenda will lead them to reformation of Nichiren Buddhism. Persatuan Penganut Saddharma Pundarika Sutra Malaysia’s latest association with Nichiren Shu has shown their true identity.

In just a little more than a year they left SGM, they were so distant away in terms of faith, practice and study. You don’t need to be an expert or fortune teller to predict where are they heading to. One year is a long long time. Even in a split second of ichinen, one deviates from the original mentor, one is deviated from the correct path. Therefore one year is 365 days X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 60 seconds X (20-30 estimate) Momentary of life X 3000 worlds……

The Grave Consequence of Betraying from The Path of Mentor and Disciple

The Gosho stated clearly, “To forget the original teacher who had brought one the water of wisdom from the great ocean of the Lotus Sutra and instead follow another would surely cause one to sink into the endless sufferings of birth and death. ” (WND-1, 747)

The Daishonin’s direct disciple and successor, Nikko Shonin, writes: “In the teaching of the Daishonin, one attains Buddhahood by correctly following the path of mentor and disciple. If one errs even slightly in the path of mentor and disciple, then though one may uphold the Lotus Sutra, one will fall into the hell of incessant suffering. Striving in faith with the same spirit as the mentor is fundamental to attaining Buddhahood. It is also the great path for ensuring the eternal flow of kosen-rufu.”

SGI President Ikeda Sensei in his guidance on the true spirit of mentor and disciple of Nikko and the contrast of five (5 ) senior priests stated as follow:

“As I have said many times in the past, the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple is the decisive factor that separates Nikko Shonin from the five senior priests who betrayed the Daishonin. Nikko Shonin proudly called himself a disciple of Nichiren Daishonin, whom he properly revered as the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law. In contrast, the five senior priests, fearing persecution and seeking to curry favour with the authorities, foolishly called themselves priests of the Tendai school.

Moreover, the five senior priests burned or otherwise destroyed items that they were embarrassed or ashamed to have associated with their mentor, such as letters that the Daishonin had written in common everyday language to ordinary people. Nikko Shonin alone carefully preserved the Daishonin’s vernacular writings, convinced that at some time in the future they would be translated and transmitted abroad to China, India, and the world at large. [Nikko Shonin declares that when the time comes to widely propagate the Daishonin’s Buddhism, the Japanese texts of his writings are sure to be translated and disseminated throughout the world (cf. GZ, 1613). The unmistakable difference here lies in the fact that Nikko Shonin faithfully upheld the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple, while the five senior priests did not.

Kosen-rufu is possible when disciples embrace the same spirit as their mentor. Without the solid pillar of the mentor-disciple relationship, it is all too easy to be swayed by one’s own emotions and the trends of the times, and one will readily cave in and give up when one’s faith is challenged.

For more than five decades after the Daishonin’s passing, Nikko Shonin carried on the solemn struggle of oneness of mentor and disciple. Through his fierce determination to refute the erroneous and reveal the true, he utterly demolished the false assertions of the five senior priests.

He writes: “They not only have forsaken the Lotus Sutra, but also actually think themselves wise enough to instruct me. The pitiful thing is that these perverse people must suffer in the Avichi hell even longer than the Nembutsu believers” (WND-1, 306).

Such is the gravity of the offense of betraying the path of mentor and disciple. This is the case of the Nichiren Shoshu priesthood under Nikken, which completely ignores not only the Daishonin and Nikko Shonin but all the successive teachers of the school. It is concerned only with its own welfare. ”

The True Nature of Anti-Gakkai People

The fickleness of the human heart is frightening. These people denounced their mentor to protect themselves. Their faith was false and their spirits hollow and corrupt. Do they really care about the faith of their members and followers? Naw, evil only cares about fighting good. Similarly, defunct groups and individuals like evil blog QR lecturer and cohort accountant (previously worked in a Japanese MNC and now a lecturer) claimed to fight for justice but they kept silent when these people’s slanders have led so many ignorant people swayed and suffered.

Why do they not openly refute those who have deviated from the correct path? Or they also believe it is alright to work with Nichiren Shu? Is it because they are together? Bird of the same feathers flock together. They all have one common similar attributes – attacking gakkai when they can’t see it to their own eyes, believing and creating fabricated lies and slanders. But when we call them anti-gakkai, they are not happy.

Let us all return to the prime point of faith and the correct path of mentor and disciple. As these golden words indicate, the mentor-disciple relationship is an important cornerstone of Nichiren Buddhism. The Lotus Sutra states: “If one stays close to the teachers of the Law, one will speedily gain the way of enlightenment. By following and learning from these teachers one will see Buddhas as numerous as Ganges sands.” [cf. LSOC10, 208]