On March 13 there were 44 leaders from Region 2 Honbu 3 who tendered their resignation collectively. Upon consultation with the four division leaders of Honbu 3, the four division Region and Honbu leaders have decided, on majority vote, to accept the resignations, respecting the leaders’ wish to do so.
We would like to suggest that all resignation of leaders should be submitted to the relevant region leaders or relevant department of SGM and under no circumstances should resignation letters be redirected to any unrelated party and leaders, like what these 44 leaders have done. Such action coupled with the contents of the letter carries dubious element of instigation.
There are a few points to ponder and learn over this incident:
1. What exactly is the ulterior motive of a collective resignation? Does this not bear an element of protest?
2. Does this represent an individual’s wish to resign or is it a manipulative action by others?
3. Since the resignation letters were submitted to a third party, does this represent an individual decision or rather an action initiated and instigated by others?
4. Is this action not equivalent to disrupting the unity of practitioners?