Devadatta, Ryokan, Nikken, SKT, HCT (founder of NBA) and his ingrate gang, these names are familiar and what do they have in common?

They deviated from the true path and betrayed their original teacher, scheming, fabricating lies and similarly they misled a group of ignorant practitioners of Buddhism into going against their teacher’s intent.

Mankind is essentially good and kind – but evil will take our kindness as weakness, taking advantage of our goodness and will to do something sinister and manipulative. These people are genuinely evil, and they enjoy every second of it.

Below are common characteristics of evil and these 10 warning signs that will tell us if someone is truly evil. If we can identify them earlier, then we can definitely be alert and not to allow them to use it against or destroy us or people around us

Evil Action #1 ~ Misleading

A passage from Gosho: “The enemies of the Lotus Sutra and evil companions who are ready to mislead all people” (WND 1 pg261)

The evils are very good at misleading people. When they come across any information that they feel they could use, they will use some of that truths in a misleading way to make you feel confused, vulnerable and suspicious.

In 2014, many anonymous letters were widely circulated in various states especially in KL and Johor and also sent to some senior SGI leaders in Japan. Then they expanded the spreading of lies and slandering via various social media. These shocked and electrified the once pure faith membership and organization by the storm.

They were obviously orchestrated by then SGM vice GD SKT and implemented step by step by his evil army. Thanks to the power of sincere Daimoku by many members, the truth of these evil acts was later exposed by his then close aide on many occasions. Were they not similar to the act of “The Honorable Ryōkan is deliberately confusing and misleading others, though he appears to be observing the precepts. “? (WDN 1 pg 808)

Whether the story they are trying to spin is true or not is not important to them, in the end some people will start to believe in it just by the way they presented it. They are very good at creating unfounded lies and using some simple tactics to gain your trust and sympathy (SKT used to give some Chinese medicines and herbs). And then by just using some simple words, they can create enemies and doubts in your head; they can also make you feel like everything certain target people are doing up to this point is wrong. Twisted words and unfounded lies are their secret weapon and they know how to use them wisely or rather cunningly.

Evil Action #2 ~ Manipulative

Just like Devadatta, they are champions of manipulation. They plan 10 steps ahead and always know the direct purpose of what they’re doing. Those wicked minded evils know exactly how to make SGM organization, especially GD and the Exco look like incompetent, and they know how to take all the credits for doing it.

Initially, they were so well planned and executed that many people almost trusted them. At their peak of their manipulation, there were only a handful of people willing to stand up to protect and assist GD and Exco fighting against these evils. They were indeed very powerful at one time. Some of initial committee members appointed to resolve the Johor Incident were supposed to help GD, but were at one point of time standing on their side.

Many of those who previously pledged to protect the organization were nowhere to be seen because they were too confused by the evil manipulation. That includes many very top senior leaders.

Evil Action #3 ~ Denying Reality

The truth that you know to be is not something that a truly evil person will agree upon. They know a much different ‘truth’ and will never agree with the real truth.

They are so evil that sometimes they will present something that is almost impossible for you to defend, although it is the known truth that you may have undeniable facts to back up your arguments versus their twisted ideals and interpretations.

SGM Johor had worked tirelessly with a charity foundation for 9 years consecutively, helping more than 16,000 needy students and 2,000 single mothers. Hundreds of teachers, school principals and volunteers worked with Soka Gakkai to help needy students. Johor State government even awarded SGM Johor as the “Best Caring Organization” in year 2011/12.

However, the ingrates and evils plotted against these good works, thus denying the contributions to the society and needy people. Denying the reality, these evils submitted wrong and misleading information instigating that charity foundation to file inquiry and investigation on SGM Johor. All available documents were taking away to ensure SGM fight a losing battle. Fortunately, with the protection of Gohonzon, all the wild accusations by these evils were eventually cleared by , just like the Gosho states: “When the skies are clear, the ground is illuminated” (WND 1 pg 376). The truth will prevail.

Many may be unaware that one of the top executive of that charity foundation was previously involved in the complicated investigations and exposure of largest corruption scandal in Singapore – Singapore Kidney Foundation. Therefore, do you think it is possible to escape scot-free if there was any wrongdoing on SGM side?

Evil Action #4 ~Twisting Facts: 

Their most common trick is being able to twist any facts that they come across. In their situation, it would be any facts that do not fall under their goals and the manipulative reality they’re trying to accomplish. There were continuous evil efforts in their twisted facts including forging documents in Johor Incident.

Fabricating lies on corruptions and slandering GD and SGM exco. SKT together with a group of disgruntled SGM leaders abused their positions to support the twisting facts in a big way as depicted in the Gosho: “giving themselves up to arrogance and forming distorted views. This is the most frightening.” (Letter to Niike, WND I pg 1027)

They’re never shy to take things out of context and run with a theory that even though they know it is outrageous. This means adding in their own theories which are backed up by even more outrageous facts.

Evil Action #5 ~ Withholding Information

The moment they feel that there is something that may compromise their identity, they will automatically withhold any formation that is related to it.

In the January 8 (the so called 1.8 Black Day) incident, there was obvious situation of withholding true information instead of revealing the true situation. Their evil plot was to spread one-sided story and video in social media, trying to manipulate the situation and putting all the blames on GD. Bluffing their way through sympathy, begging and crying.

They will never admit to a lie, claiming that they never said anything even though we could prove it. Whether they lied or not, they keep the information a secret and use their ignorance to their advantage in that situation. If you somehow find out the information they were trying to withhold, they will try to twist the truth, and will also try and make others feel guilty in the process.

Did they evil reveal that they (12 evil traitors and ingrates) lodged a report to the authorities with the intention to damage and destroy the organization? No! SKT and Quiet Revo blog’s lecturers will never tell you this.

Thank you for the protection of Buddhist Gods, nothing untoward happened to Gakkai.

Will they reveal the information of their true relationship with Nichiren Shu?

Evil Action #6 ~ Constant Lying

The evils lie as a way of constructing who they are. They cannot tell a story without adding in something juicy. The reason they constantly lie is because they take pleasure in fooling people around them. They started from small lies, continue to another lie and ended up full of big lies. They are indeed “consistency from beginning to end” depicting their devilish life condition.

Rescue Johor 2 (before NBA) held roadshows after roadshows to spread constant lies. SKT led 12 SGM leaders in Johor, endorsing their constant lies, expanding their forces in Melaka and other states.

The moment you catch them in a lie, they will just cover it up with a dozen more lies. Or they may admit very little to their lies and explain to you why they lied. However, some ignorant people might even end up feeling sorry for them in the end.

Evil Action #7 ~ No Feeling of Remorse

They have no feelings of remorse for anyone they have destroyed, will destroy or are planning to destroy. People are just pawns in their chess game, and they feed off of good people because they see weaknesses that they can easily expose and manipulate.

SKT, HCT, LKK and their gang will never feel remorse to the damage they have done to SGM and in the process misleading so many members. Many members discarded their faith but that would never bother them. Were Ryokan, Five Senior Priests, Nikken ever remorse? No, never. They are of the same breed, create and enhance evil efforts to destroy the practitioners’ faith and Buddhist order, they have the similar life state that never feel remorse. That is the reason they never repent and continue to do evil.

“These men are arrogant at heart, and though they have little true understanding, they pretend to be very wise and are looked upon by the people of the world as great authorities. When these men see the votaries of the Lotus Sutra, they hate and envy them, treat them with contempt and scorn, and speak evil of them to others as if they were inferior to dogs or foxes. In their opinion, they alone have truly understood the Lotus Sutra.” (WND 1 pg 886)

Evil Action #8 ~ Avoiding Responsibility

Evil people do not take any responsibility for the people they’ve harmed. The minute they start to sense some sort of blame, they will redirect it before it makes its way to them.

From the very beginning they have been avoiding responsibility and push to others and each time they will push the responsibility to the higher level, from the Johor region leaders to GD, and then the responsibility was pushed from Exco to SGI. If they ever bear a thought of taking responsibility even for a single moment, things would have been different.

Chances are when they redirect the responsibility and pushing all blames to others; it will be onto someone that they sense weaknesses in. In the end, that targeted person might end up have to apologize for the evil person’s mistakes and damage done.

Evil Action #9 ~ Very Controlling

With all the lies they are telling, they have to always be in control of the situation. The moment they sense that someone is getting near they will be more aggressive and controlling.

“Evil friends will employ enticing words, deception and flattery and speak in a clever manner, thereby gaining control the minds of ignorant and uninformed people and destroying the good minds that are in them.” (WND II Pg 221)

Evil Action # 10 ~ Double Lives

They will never reveal that they are living a double life. Because their entire life is covered with lies, they will have a different picture painted of themselves for a variety of people. If they begin to slip or lose control, then they lose their pawns. This is why they are constantly lying and working to create an image that will stick.

SKT, LKK, Quiet Revo blog’s lecturers and many others continue to live a double life, in surface they remain in gakkai but deep in their hearts never, they live to continue to clings to arrogance and prejudice, live to continue to support the anti-gakkai people and associate with anti-gakkai groups, including Nichiren Shu.

These men are very arrogant at heart, and though they have little true understanding, they pretend to be very wise. Unfortunately, they are looked upon by the many people as experts and great authorities.

“They hate and envy them, treat them with contempt and scorn, and speak evil of them to others as if they were inferior to dogs or foxes. In their opinion, they alone have truly understood the Lotus Sutra” (WND 1 Pg 886)

Of course, there may be other common characteristics of evil but we think the above ten are sufficient to identify whether one is truly evil.

Greed, anger, and foolishness—the fundamental evils inherent in life, which give rise to human suffering.

Let us stop and seriously ponder. Pray deeply to the Gohonzon so that we can manifest the Buddhahood within us, open up our Buddha’s wisdom and life force to discern, refute and defeat the evils out there.

Last but not least, let’s engrave in our hearts two very important guidances in “Great Mountain” by Ikeda Sensei:

“Though you may succeed in fooling others, no one can escape the Buddhist law of cause and effect, which is rigorous and uncompromising. The Gohonzon is aware of everything” [New Human Revolution, Great Mountain (3)]

“We are living in the realm of faith. Therefore, we must unite based on the Gohonzon, with faith as our foremost guide. If we allow ourselves to be ruled by our emotions, jealousy and conflict are bound to arise. That is a sign that the devilish functions within us have taken control and we have strayed from the teachings of Buddhism. Uniting together entails a struggle with these inner devils, and achieving unity of purpose is proof that we have done our human revolution, exercising self-mastery and winning over our own negativity” [New Human Revolution, Great Mountain (4)]

~ End ~