People with Prejudice

Human being are all creatures of emotion, many of our actions and desires are greatly influenced by what we like and dislike. Just ask yourself again, in all the above incidents, have you been wisely and seriously looking into all incidents from all angles without prejudice and without emotion? Truly differentiating right and wrong by seeking the truth but not based on like or dislike?

Many of these people parroting loudly on ‘Rely on the Law and not the persons’ but they themselves follow the person they like or dislike emotionally. Being emotional, filled with prejudice and contempt they themselves followed the person and forgot about the Law. What does it meant by following the Law? It is to follow the truth and to seek the truth!

Nichiren Daishonin quoted from Nirvana Sutra many times in Gosho passages on the four standards as follows:

  1. Rely on the law and not on the persons. (依法不依人)
  2. Rely on the meaning of the teaching and not the words. (依义不依语)
  3. Rely on wisdom and not on discriminative thinking. (依智不依识)
  4. Rely on the sutra that is complete and final and not on those not complete and final. (依了义经不依不了义经)

If we truly observe the above four standards we would easily identify those who violated all four are those who spread the malicious lies and rumours. Their actions and behaviors have deviated from Nichiren Daishonin’s teaching and their evil intention should be rebuked by all disciples.

  1. They spread partial truth and malicious lies created by people with ulterior motive and not urging the members to base on faith in the Gohonzon to solve the any shortcomings that may exit in the organization.
  2. They’re not interested in whole significance and truth, they will capitalize on minor misunderstandings and shortcomings, bring it out of context and blow them out of proportion.
  3. They never rely on the wisdom of faith and conviction. They destroy member’s conviction and trust by planting discriminative thinking with malicious lies continuously.
  4. They deny the complete and final actual truth but always spread information that are not complete and final with evil intent.
Evil will penetrate our body and mind if we were to allow wrong information to penetrate our mind

Have you ever thought that the karmic retribution of your actions, your words and your thoughts resulting from your insults on the practitioners of Mystic Law, and the organization of Buddha’s will and decree will destroy the conviction not only yourself but also many innocent members? It all began with what you have heard is contrary to the true spirit of ‘Thus have I heard’! Imagine what you have heard are mostly malicious lies filled with evil intention. Have you ever thought of the consequences and bad causes that have been accumulated? Nichiren Daiahonin strictly reminded us “Nine thoughts in one word”. Sadly, many people spread the malicious lies without any thoughts.

Seeking for Good Friends

How to differentiate between good friends and bad friends? Who are the good friends? Are you still one of them?

Nichiren Daiahonin quoted from sutra that Sakyamuni Buddha told his disciples that being born as a human being is as rare as comparing dirt under fingernails to the earth. To embrace the True Buddhism is even rarer. To encounter with good friends is even more difficult and rare but to meet an evil friend is very easy indeed. The people who spread malicious lies and information are obviously the evil friends, for they are destroying the harmony of the Buddhist order.

Let us all strive to seek for true good friends and continue to be the true good friends who protect the members and organization in the spirit and tradition of Gakkai – the true Gakkai Spirit.

— End —