The sin of slandering the Law

Trying to destroy the organization of the Buddha’s will and decree, slandering the sincere practitioners of Mystic Law and misled and destroying the conviction of innocent members.  Do they know what karmic retribution have they accumulated in the form of words, thoughts and deeds, for even once? And some are doing it everyday, every hour and every moment of their lives. In the Gosho, Nichiren Daishonin warned “The point is that even minor slanders may lead to serious ones, and then the effects one must suffer would be far worse.” [<The Embarkments of Faith> WND I, Page 626]

‌Many of those join in the fray blindly and take it lightly but the Gosho says “At first this did not seem to be any great error. But drops of dew accumulate until they form a great ocean; particles of dust pile up into a great mountain” [<Their Views Were Widely Accepted as Authoritative> WND II, Page 1080]

Nichiren Daishonin said in the Gosho: “….suppose there should be monks or nuns, lay men or women who speak careless and evil words and slander the correct teaching, and that they should go on committing these grave acts without ever showing any inclination to reform or any sign of repentance in their hearts. ….……When it comes to the correct teaching, they show no inclination to protect, treasure, and establish it over the ages, but rather speak of it with malice and contempt, their words replete with error.” [<Diagram of the Five Periods> WND II, Page 241]

Nichiren Daishonin strictly warned: “When one destroys the treasure of the Buddha, then one destroys the treasure of the Law, and when one destroys the treasure of the Law, one destroys the treasure of the Buddhist Order. When one destroys the three treasures, one destroys all the correct views in the world, and when one destroys all the correct views in the world, then one is committing a crime that will bring one unlimited retribution. And when one has committed a crime that will bring unlimited retribution, then one must undergo pain and suffering for an unlimited period of time.” [<What is Means to Slander The Law> WND II, Page 252]

The sin of slandering the Law, even though one later repents of it, is a thousand times graver than the five cardinal sins. And how much worse is the fate of one who slanders the Law without ever repenting? Can such a person ever hope to be released from the Avīchi hell? [<What is Means to Slander The Law> WND II, Page 252]

Therefore, it is important to ask, ‘What is your criteria of evaluation on the accuracy and truth of information you have heard or received?’

Differentiating Fact and Truth

Can you differentiate between the truth and facts? President Toda once said when a person contributed a large amount of money to organization, the fact is that person is generously contributing but the truth behind is his intention. If his intention is to penetrate the organization for leadership position and control, then the truth is evil.

Ikeda sensei said in his guidance, a few drops of poison in a glass of water is enough to kill. The same applies to many of the information that spreads and the incident they have heard. How many people have really stopped and pondered, filtered, clarified the information they’ve received is really from the right source. The majority heard from one-sided source and made up their mind with prejudice. Some may think they’ve heard it from many people, but little did they know that many people’s information could be from one evil source, though it may look like it is from many sources.

There are too many such instances, that the true meaning was manipulated into their prejudice. For example, GD visited Malacca and shared a beautiful guidance on the future of kosen-rufu. He quoted a Chinese proverb “九牛一毛” but the very next day it was maliciously taken out of context and he was attacked nationwide. The fact is that GD did mention the word 九牛一毛 but the truth is it was manipulated by those with evil intention. Many of those who condemned GD’s speech were not even in the meeting but due to their hatred and prejudice. They were not bother to check the truth, smearing and slander were splashed in social media worldwide. They’re accumulating karma of worldwide effect.

What is the point of conducting dialogue with people with absolute evil intention? Almost every dialogue, GD held with them was taken out of context.