“Thus have I heard.” A phrase that begins in many sutras. The sutras are records of Buddha’s teachings that were committed first to memory and passed down orally, and later put into writings. This phrase represents a testimony to the validity and accuracy of what was about to be set down in writing in the form of a sutra. The accuracy contains the truth and the spirit of Buddhist teaching. In the Ongi Kuden, The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teaching says : The ‘heard’ of “I Heard” indicates the stage of hearing the name and words of truth.

On the Johor Incident, allegations on the transparency and corruption in SGM, corruption on purchase of Penang Culture Center land, accusation and slandering of General Director and the six Executive Central Committee members etc. In the last two and half years, there’re countless such false information and accusations flooding the social media aggressively almost every day. Some people already passed judgement and demand sentence.

A survey study reveals that in last decade people are increasingly having judgemental attitude. When someone is judgemental, he exhibits criticism. Remember judging a person does not define who he is. It defines who you are.

‌Have you ever asked yourself, the information that you received or heard on the above, how many of them are true and accurate as clear Ananda assurance of what he has heard what the Buddha preached? Even if you have heard it from the person you trusted most, did you ever ask yourself, has the information you received and later transmitted have gone through the three golden gates? (1) is it true? (2) is it necessary? (3) is it kind? Do they truly carry the spirit of ‘thus I have I heard’, fully receiving and transmitting the information accurately and without prejudice and ill intention? Have you ever thought, what if some of the information you’ve heard is manipulative and wrong? Have you ever stopped and pondered? For example, the 08 January 2017 incident, the so called “Black Day” by the so called Justice Group, a group of former leaders and their supporters were trying to create fiasco outside IPA on the day of general meeting in SGM Culture Center, Cheras. They came well prepared with video camera and reporters from two major newspapers, trying to make bad scene for SGM. But they reported otherwise with one-sided story in their social media painting negative pictures on GD and SGM leadership. These were how the Rescue Johor 2, NBA and Justice Group capable of manipulating information and spread them maliciously. This is what they did from the beginning of Johor Incident till now.

‌Allowing wrong information to penetrate your mind and understanding, it will slowly affects your system of belief and destroy your trust eventually. In the last two and half years, do you know how much have they destroyed the harmony among members, trust and conviction towards the organization that have been built painstakingly by our pioneers over the years? Do they really care how many have left gakkai with hatred and distrust and eventually backslided?

‌Allowing evil information to penetrate your mind is also giving the evil the chance to destroy the Buddha seed in your life eventually too.

‌This is the working of ichinen-sanzen and the ten factors of life that work from beginning to the end consistently. What one heard from the source with evil intention, and digesting it will lead one to the evil of one’s mind and all cause of actions one after another based on evil leads one to evil effects eventually.