Do not compromise on the basic doctrines of Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings

Again, we shouldn’t be surprised, the recent articles published in the evil blog QR is indeed a lie from the heart of a liar. With this, the lecturer(s) set out to openly confess in his own words and exposes himself as a Heretic cum the Writer and the Owner of Evil Blog for rejecting many of the tenets of the Daishonin’s Buddhism and fundamental of spirit of Mentor and Disciple.

WWL is one of the infamous arrogant lecturers – Soka Gakkai outside, but very anti-gakkai inside.

Despite constant, strenuous and on-going efforts for a persistent and constructive dialogues for more than two years (but many of us may not aware that a great deal of compassion/persistent efforts have been initiated/taken by SGM to engage and dialogue with this bunch of problematic leaders but they have lied to us terribly, yet deceived us otherwise by saying SGM is doing nothing or even act unilaterally by taking actions against them), this bunch of questionable or rather difficult leaders shall remain irredeemably arrogant, so unwilling, adamant, unable or refuse to change their disruptive behaviours/attitudes towards disrupting people as well as organisation by innumerable verbal attacks and malicious slurs.

QR lecturer(s) advocate since ‘the context and time is different,’ therefore Nikko Shonin’s 26 admonitions should not be used to take actions against traitors in cahoots with NBA or other Nichiren sects. Ini macam pun boleh ke??

WWL, are you crazy? How can Gakkai compromise on the basic doctrines of Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings?

Nichiren Shu’s practice of viewing Shakyamuni’s statue as an object of devotion clearly goes against the Daishonin’s essential teaching that the Gohonzon is the basis of our faith and the fundamental object of devotion.

Didn’t Nikko Shonin feel compelled to leave Mount Minobu when one of the five senior priests Niko instigated steward of Minobu Hakiri Sanenaga to commit slanders against the Daishonin’s teachings?

As such why did evil lecturer(s) criticize SGM when those traitors working with priests from other Nichiren sects associated with the five senior priests were removed?

As for some national or senior leaders who have not been fulfilling their roles, and collaborating with anti-gakkai group to cause disunity and disharmony in the organizations, isn’t it better for them to take a back seat and let others do the job?

We follow Sensei’s guidance faithfully by putting all of our efforts in expanding our network of Bodhisattvas. On the other hand, anti-gakkai group, including the evil lecturer(s), go all out to spread malicious slurs to defame and demonize SGM and its central leadership entrusted by Sensei. Those evil lecturers claim they follow Sensei; but their words, deeeds and thoughts are against Sensei.

Indeed, very naughty and evil.

Enough is enough!

If you observe this bunch of defiant leaders closely, you will notice that their attitude is overly selfish, self-centered and self-referential, who will cunningly use his or her mood swings to intimidate and manipulate others to gain sympathy, trust and support.

Their relationships are prioritized according to how each one can be used to meet their own selfish agendas.

In such situations, formal discipline and even removal of leadership is deemed necessary. To many, they were very bad leaders, they are questionable and were all ultimately should be expelled from Gakkai as well. The damage was terminal as they have caused harm to our members, betrayed Sensei and Gakkai.

Contrary to those criticism and lies fabricated by the QR lecturer(s), the recent removal of those defiant leaders receives positive response from the large majority in the organization. Removal of such leadership by Gakkai is long anticipated and highly welcomed.

Seriously, be strong and know when enough is enough! Getting rid of toxic leaders doesn’t mean we hate them, or that we wish them harm but it simply means we care about and protect our members’ faith and well-being.

We should stop pretending or perceiving that their toxic and slanderous behaviour is OK. And, decide at this moment not to be influenced and misled by their behaviours.

We should stop making special pardons for their continued belligerence. Their constant drama filled with lies and negativity is never worth putting up with.

Furthermore, we should not keep quiet but to SPEAK UP for the sake of Refuting Evil and Imparting the True. And it’s all about finding the strength and wisdom to defend our members and Gakkai. For the sake of Malaysian kosen-rufu, please speak up, stand up to demonstrate that we won’t be insulted or belittled. Just Move on without them!

Mr. Toda once said: “Leave those base and cowardly losers be. To betray the Soka Gakkai is to betray the Daishonin. You’ll know what I mean, when you see the retribution they incur at the end of their lives.”