The spirit of Gokuyo in SGM is remarkable and praiseworthy. A traditional we as members of SGM are always very proud of. Our comrades of SGI in other countries have high regards on our Gokuyo spirit in Malaysia. Some of these countries gracefully invited some SGM members and leaders to share their experiences of Gokuyo in their respective countries.

The spirit of Malaysian Gokuyo can be traced back to mid-80s when we started the plan to build the SGM Culture Center (Cheras). Led by the former GD, late Mr. Koe Teng Hong and our pioneers, he went for nationwide tour to conduct dialogues with members to enable them to realize the importance of SGM Culture Center and the spirit of Gokuyo. There were 4 phases of contribution in 2 years for SGM Culture Center (Cheras). Back then Malaysia was facing financial crisis and economic uncertainties. The spirit of Gokuyo was cultivated through study of Gosho, Buddhist tales and sharing of experiences. Mr. Koe was convinced and determined to enable every member throughout the nation to change their karmas, elevate their lives through sincere contributions. The theme was ‘no one is to be left out (一人不漏)’ and the conviction was ‘no one remains poor after Gokuyo’.

True enough, there were many success of stories and experiences of members overcoming challenges and illnesses, that have craved in and cultivated the core spirit and tradition of SGM Gokuyo. In fact, it was unheard of any members who didn’t receive the benefit after sincere Gokuyo and followed by correct Buddhist practice. Be it conspicuous or in conspicuous. We could discover numerous actual proofs after sincere Gokuyo. From this point on SGM members elevated their conviction towards kosen-rufu and Gohonzon to the higher level.

SGM members, especially the new generation must never forget the pioneers whom worked odd jobs, extra overtime, skipped meals or ate roti canal for 3 meals etc to save for Gokuyo. Some even delay getting married, delay buying house – a roof over their heads, buying smaller cars etc in order to do Gokuyo for the sake of kosen-rufu. Such is their sincerity and wonderful spirit for Gokuyo. Over the years many in return obtained benefits which were many times more than they had contributed. Youth division then fostered the spirit of Sai Lang – going all out for Gokuyo.

With this conviction, SGM later built State Kaikans throughout Malaysia, Soka Kindergarten, Wisma Kebudayaan SGM and many community centers in many districts.

In more than 160 Gosho, Nichiren Daishonin expressed his gratitude to his disciples and supporters for their sincere contributions, encouraged and assured them the benefit of contribution with parables and stories from many sutras.

‌Rescue Johor 2, the so-called Justice Group, NBA and their sympathizers have been discouraging members from practicing Gokuyo, claiming Gokuyo is not a practice of Nichiren Buddhism. Citing unfounded allegations of corruption in SGM leadership as an excuse to stop others from contribution. How can they claim to be ‘Rescue’ and “Justice”, and restoring Nichiren Buddhism whereas in truth they are denying and contradicting the 160 Gosho? They even held marathon chanting sessions in various places to counter SGM Gokuyo, and misled many Buddhist practitioners to chant against the form of SGM Gokuyo for kosen-rufu. I wonder have they given a thought of the consequence of the slanders they’ve made and the sins of misleading others to slander. One cannot imagine the bad karma they have accumulated. Those who truly read the Gosho will understand. The ungrateful lots have been receiving the benefits from the effect of Gokuyo yet they now adamantly denying Gokuyo. What evil has gotten into them.

Nichiren Daishonin was grateful and paid gratitude to the contributors whom offer foods, clothings, essential materials, monetary and many others. He assured them of the good fortune and benefits they’d receive in this life time and the next. Accumulated good fortune of offering or contribution will also be enjoyed by their families. The Gosho states “Be firmly convinced the benefit from this (offering) will extend to your parents, grandparents, nay, even to countless living beings, not to mention your own husband, whom you hold most dear.” (The Offering of an Unlined Robe, WND-I pg 533)

The so-called Justice Group, Rescue Johor 2 and NBA claimed that no form of monetary or wealth (财) offering in Nichiren Buddhism was ever mentioned in the Gosho. In Reply to Kyo’o, Daishonin wrote to Shijo Kingo, “In my present circumstances, your gift of money is far more valuable than any treasure to be found on land or sea.” (WND-I, pg 412). In many other Gosho, we found offering of monetary forms from a few hundred coins to 20,000 coins. From this stand point, it is very obvious this so-called Justice Group, NBA and their sympathizers are deviating from not just one Gohso but more than 160 Gosho written by Nichiren Daishonin. Obviously they are anti-Gosho and slanderers of the Law.

In Letter to the Lay Nun of Ko, Nichiren Daishonin states: “The blessings from making offerings to the votary of Lotus Sutra in the evil age of the Law will surpass those from earnestly making offerings with ones words, thoughts and deeds for a space of the entire medium kalpas to a Buddha such as Shakyamuni. Though this seems impossible, you must never doubt it, because these are the Buddha’s golden words.

In addition a man called the Great Teacher Miao-lo further clarify this passage from the Sutra saying, Those who slander [the practitioners of the Lotus Sutra] will have their head splits into seven pieces, but those give alms to them will enjoy good fortune surpassing the ten honorable titles” The meaning of this commentary is the blessings from making offering to a votary of Lotus Sutra to a  Thus Come endowed with ten honorable titles, while those who persecute a votary of the Lotus Sutra in the defiled age will have their head split into seven pieces” (WND-I, pg 595).

Let us all continue to be grateful in paying our debts of gratitude towards the Law with grace and honor. This is one practice that a true Buddhist practitioner must take sincerely from their heart. Continue to show actual proof of sincere Gokuyo.