As of 2nd January 2018, at around 3:40 p.m., SGM broke through the 10 thousand Professors of Happiness (PoH). The chatgroups were flooded with messages of joy and appreciation. Those who had surpassed their target were humble of their achievement. Those that did not, they renewed their determination to continue to challenge together with our mentor in life. Such victories have yet again, proofed that the SUNRISE has risen in SGM.

The challenge began in Jan 2017, when the organization made a pledge, as a respond to our mentor in life to shakubuku 20 thousand PoHs by end of 2018. This spirit of the Oneness of Mentor and Disciple started as a ripple. But through time, with abundant daimoku we witnessed one after another the emergence of Boddhisattva of the Earth. One by one they stood up to create victories in their life.

These ripples developed into waves and by August the entire SGM came together as one and created this one big gigantic wave. It was one BIG BANG. It was one “LOUD” revolution. It was not a “Quiet” one. It was a “LOUD” forward moving revolution and full of positive energies. Unlike a “Quiet” one, that is moving backward, full of complains and blaming others for their lacking.

It was one “LOUD” revolution to share Nichiren Buddhism with others with renewed determination, conviction, unity, and spirit of Oneness of Mentor & Disciples. It brought out the inherent potential in us, to dare to dream big, to challenge the big dream, and to make the big dream comes true.

Yes! we passed the mid-point of the big dream. Yes! there is much to challenge. However, a new chapter in the shakubuku history of SGM is re-written. This is a “FACT” and this is the “LOUD” revolution where the organization should be proud of.

Back in March 2017, in the “Quiet” evil blog, they ridiculed and asked SGM to stop dreaming. They mentioned that SGM will not succeed due to the following:

  1. Lack of warmth and genuine concern for one another
  2. Lack of answers to matters pertaining to governance and transparency
  3. Lack of long term strategic thinking
  4. Lack of joy in our practice
  5. Lack of fostering and training

For the 2018 New Year Commemorative Gongyo Meet, I could not attend the morning session, instead attended the afternoon session. The hall rang with loud applauses when a grandma walked up the stage to share her shakubuku victory. She was able to shakubuku 3 of her friends. She is in her 80’s and she has been practicing ND Buddhism for 40 years. She did not even have any school education. Grandma victory is so captivating and so inspirational.

Grandma is telling us, “Hey Young Men”,

  1. genuine warmth comes with putting ND teachings into action. Sharing ND teachings with others is the most noble worthy action, empowering others to transform their life for the better
  2. taking action now to shakubuku others is the answer to transform one’s inner life. Continuing to create and spreading malicious lies to promote oneself is not the answer
  3. Sensei has laid the blueprint for kosen-rufu. This is already a very long, long, long term strategic thinking. It only requires us to walk the path as our mentor in life. In doing so, it deepens will the spirit of Oneness of Mentor and Disciples
  4. shakubuku is the way to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and joyful life. If you feel lacking, chant and do shakubuku to gain abundances. Complaining and blaming others for your lacking will get you nowhere
  5. Grandma did not have any school education. However, with her conviction, determination, and genuine warmth she is able to share ND teachings with others, thereby creating good fortune in her life. It is the heart that matters. Deceiving others with one’s skill in presenting ND gosho and with the intention to promote one’s influence goes against the true spirit of ND teachings.

Grandma is so, so, so much better than those who had been expelled from the organization and those hardcore dissidents. It is ACTION, ACTION, and ACTION to share ND teachings and walking the path of kosen-rufu with mentor in life. What a GREAT HEART she has.

In 2018, let’s continue to deepen our spirit of Oneness of Mentor and Disciples and move forward with joy, conviction, determination to share ND teachings with others and achieve 20,000 Professors of Happiness before 18th November, 2018.