Written by: Sunriseman

As of 19th Nov 2017, SGM has achieved more than 5,000 Professors of Happiness. Wow!! What an achievement. In my 30 years of practice, I have never seen such a remarkable achievement. Have you?

What a joy, what a victory, what a memorable moment to cherish for the rest of our life.

Apart from achieving the numbers, what is more extraordinary are the waves and waves of kosen-rufu passion being created. Now what we hear are the buzzing and buzzing sounds of leaders and members who are actively planning for experience sharing meetings, sharing of experiences at discussion meetings, marathon chanting and Chapter/District/Groups based chanting, planning for dialogue and home-visitations. All these positive energies channeled towards “words, thoughts, and deeds” can be seen and felt everywhere within the organization. The cheerful facial expression and laughter have all returned. What a joyful sight.

The shakabuku campaign has resulted in us renewing our passion for kosen-rufu. It has, once again proven to us the importance of the Oneness of Mentor and Disciple and the importance of Daimoku as the key success factors in our victories. Would we have achieved such an extraordinary shakabuku result, if SKT was still around as Chief Planner and his cronies CFP and SCM leading the MD and Youth Division?

Thank goodness that SGM had taken the decisive action to realign the positions of 28 central leaders who had betrayed the organization trust in them. Also, the other 300 plus leaders who voluntarily resigned, many were misled by those evil traitors. The evil traitors thought that by their resignations it would create chaos in the organization but it had backfired on them. With 400 slanderers and their supporters gone and in return we witnessed more than 5,000 Bodhisattvas of the Earth emerging. “Great events never have minor omens. When great EVIL occurs, great GOOD follows.” [WND I, Pg 1119] NMHRGK, NMHRGK, NMHRGK. What a blessing.

Our passion for kosen-rufu has returned and as we rallied ourselves with the spirit of Oneness of Mentor and Disciple, the flames for kosen-rufu have grown stronger and stronger, uniting us towards achieving our goal of 20,000 Professors of Happiness by 18th November, 2018. Through the course of my 30 years of practice, I would not have overcome the many challenges in life had it not been, my putting into action the guidance of our mentor in life. “Action” is the way to develop and enhance the spirit of the oneness of M/D.

Newbies will find it easy to put the mentor’s guidance into action for it is the proven path. Newbies whose intention is to merely define and challenge the principle from a dictionary perspective, it would be difficult for them to practice ND teachings until they face an impasse in life. If veterans like SKT, CFP, and SCM could not understand the importance of the spirit of Oneness of M/D how much more could we expect from the newbies.

My suggestion would be to chant abundant daimoku to elevate one’s life condition, chant abundant daimoku to have the fortune to meet a “good friend” in SGM, and chant abundant daimoku to have the fortune to change poison into medicine with the mentor’s guidance. In a nutshell, actual proof is most important amongst the Three Proofs.

Life is short, we ought to practice ND teachings based on strong faith to transform our life. I believe ND teachings is for us to achieve absolute happiness in this lifetime.