Writer : Sunriseman

Two years of planning to destroy SGM from within. Yes, that was how long the dissidents spent. As mentioned in the previous sharing, We know majority of the dissidents are from the Men Division and that several of the MD in the SGM and Region level were being manipulated into boycotting General Director. The dissidents have also made false accusations to smear the dignity of the EXCO members. They thought that they could bring down the EXCO members by charging them as being incompetent, lack of transparency, and authoritarian.

As expected, the organization have calmly taken on each of the false accusation and smearing, refuting each of them and revealing the truth. Today, more and more members are able to see the true colours of the dissidents who have shown their ugly faces and intimidating behaviours. At the recent Kyosen Committee Meeting, the Cheng Feng Hall was packed. An upbeat of the meeting, was that many youth had attended the meeting. These are clear signs that the SUNRISE has begun in SGM and there will be brighter and youthful sunrays beaming through.

With so much time to plan their evil deeds, why did they fail? I would like to continue to share my opinion on what are the organization strengths that had halted the advance of these evil forces.

In my opinion, it was TRUST. We had trusted GD, WD Chief and most of all our Ikeda Sensei. Of course, we do ask questions to seek clarification and when it is answered, we accept it. We do not continue to drill and drill with more questions. It is because of TRUST.

When Ikeda Sensei requested we follow the directions of GD and WD Chief, we responded positively. It was TRUST. We do not question further the legitimacy of Ikeda Sensei’s request.

Today we have the SGI Asia Culture and Education Center and the 20,000 Professor of Happiness agenda to work towards and I am not going to let a small group of MD dissidents to take away the opportunity to accumulate more good fortune for myself, my family, and our leaders and members in my Chapter. Most of all, I am not going to let them influence or con me to forgo the opportunity to walk the path of kosen-rufu with our mentor-in-life.

This TRUST runs deep in Malaysia kosen-rufu and this is what the MD dissidents have miscalculated.

This quarrel within Men Division will repeat itself in the future if it is not curtailed. To stop this vicious cycle, we have to be take BOLD steps to curtail the present issues. Those MD SGM and Region leaders causing troubles, we cannot be lenient with them. Do not let their tune of “organization is authoritative, in-humane, without dialogue, persecution” distract us from protecting the future of the organization.

Those who wish to side with these culprits, let them be. Make a DECISION now, ACT on it now, and MOVE on now for a better and brighter TOMORROW.

Say what you will, think what you will. For me, I trust that I have found the right organization and correct teachings to live and end my life with. I am living a fulfilling and meaningful life. My family life is harmonious. I sleep well. I am healthy physically and mentally. Best of all, I am still doing kosen-rufu, happily doing my Gokuyo and still continuing to perform my human revolution.


GD Koe and WD Chief (we called her Aunty), how educated and competent were they? I understand both of them were not highly educated. On the other hand, I was a university graduate. But we did not question the competency level of GD and WD Chief. And we surely did not dictate what they should do and by when they should complete this and that.

For me, what were important, was their passion for kosen-rufu, their spirit of never begrudging their life, and their oneness of mentor and disciple spirit. In this aspect of competency, I could never measure up to their competent standard. It is TRUST, trust that they will do the right thing at the right time to benefit more members. It was TRUST that took Malaysia kosen-rufu to new heights.

Another strength of the organization is the sincere offering by members of their dwelling as meeting venue to provide a conducive environment where Soka Buddhas come to practice and share the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin under the SGI banner.

Dissidents will target these meeting venues to disrupt its tranquility. They will also use these meeting venues to challenge the validity of the principle of Oneness of Mentor and Disciple. We have seen them using this approach at the IPA Hall on 8th Jan 2017. As suggested before, we, as the house owner of the discussion meeting venue, we have every right not to welcome those dissidents into our house.

Why and how, can we refute this evil and reveal the truth? In part 5, I would like to share my opinion on this.

Once again, thank you for reading this personal viewpoint.