Written by : Sunriseman

The conclusion in part 2, was that false news and accusation thrown at the organization were due to grudges and hatred within the MD. Their grudges and hatred were accumulated from the incident that happened back in the 1980s because of leadership issues. With their inability to detach their grudges and hatred, it had clung on to them for the past 30 years knowingly or unknowingly. It is clear that the main culprit is the Men Division.

I would like to continue to share my opinion on what are these cracks that provided opportunities for the dissidents to infiltrate the organization to create confusion.

We are a faith organization. If we had practiced in accord with the guidance of our mentor-in-life and ND teachings would we not have improved ourselves in our character and mannerism as a human being? Yet you see MD in the SGM and Region whose character and mannerism are just despicable. How could this be? As mentioned before, not having the oneness of master and disciple spirit and not performing their human revolution are the main causes. They are just so full of themselves. Their actions were merely to promote their image and status in the organization. Instead of contributing at the grassroots, they were using their status to exploit the grassroots.

I can agree that the progress rate of one’s human revolution can be different from person to person. But look at the name-list of the MD involved in the incident, they have been practicing ND teachings for at least 20 years. What sort of role model are they projecting? Being a MD myself, I feel so shameful. At times, I do not know where to begin to apologize to the other 3 Divisions for our stupidity and our arrogance.

At this senior level of leadership, if one’s character and mannerism is not respectable and in checked, it is going to provide an opportunity for others to denounce the organization. There are lots of interactions amongst 4 Divisions and without good character, mannerism, and respect for each other it could create misunderstanding, misinterpretation, dislikes and even hatred amongst each other.

This fear came true, and with just one MD he was able to start a turmoil in the organization.

Having started a turmoil in the organization, they need to widen the impact. The MD SGM and Region leaders, with their inability to see the truth of the matter between good & evil and true & false, they fell into the devil king’s trap, “to divide and conquer”. This happened because the comradeship was not strong enough. It could not withstand the clever manipulation and instigation of false accusations labelled on the organization and individuals. That’s why I labelled them as “lalang”. They are so easily swayed by the Eight Winds.

I thought we are comrades, in that, our common objectives are kosen-rufu and protecting the organization. Surely, comradeship cannot be based on personal relationship and business benefits. One has to really ponder what does it mean by “good friend” in a faith organization?

Because of the weakness in comradeship, a group of MD SGM and Region leaders were easily influenced to boycott General Director. What! To BOYCOTT the GD? Yes, this is true. One of the Kyosen Group senior MD leader can testify this and fill you in with the details if required. We can sympathize for them and come up with more reasons for their inappropriate actions. But there are just excuses. Bottom line is, their actions are inexcusable. They had even taken 2 years to plan to come up with false accusations, who to manipulate, instigate, and discredit in the organization.

For me, I do not care about the NBA as they have made their choice clear. It is the dissidents in the organization that we have to be careful with. In my opinion, the organization is too compassionate to request them to relinquish their leadership role. If it was up to myself, I would have kicked them out of the organization. What is the point of having these culprits in the organization when they do not have the oneness of master and disciple spirit and more importantly they were trying to defame the organization.

There will be noises from sympathizers saying it is in-humane and we lack compassion. I do not agree with this. There are probably less than 1% of total hardcore dissidents and 4% being sympathizers. Is it in-humane and uncompassionate of us to act on behalf of the other 95% who are truly practicing ND teachings under the SGI banner?

For these dissidents, if they do not wish to carry this guilty conscience in their life, they better pluck up the courage to apologize. The least you can do is to apologize to the Gohonzon. Then you will see a transformation from within. You will feel lighter on your shoulder, your backbone will straighten, your facial will not look dejected, and most importantly you can even look straight into the eyes of your junior and even give them a sincere smile.

If there is still conscience left in you, then stand up. Stand up to refute the evil and reveal the truth. Do not live the rest of your life with this guilty conscience. Yes! my seniors in faith, let’s deepen our understanding on this principle of “upsetting attachment and arousing doubts”.

Fortunately, it is a small crack. By and large, they are many MD at the SGM & Region level who have conducted themselves well, to be good role model, as Golden Pillars of kosen-rufu. To them, I take my hat off. They stood up and supported GD and MD Chief, otherwise the turmoil may have been more serious. Being scolded, cursed, poked at, ridiculed at will requires one to have immense good character to persist. Thank you for your untiring efforts to ensure members have a secure and conducive meeting venue to practice ND teachings.

It is great to note that, several SGM and Region leaders, were awakened to the truth of the matters. They had apologized for their mistakes and are now in the forefront refuting the evils and revealing the truth.

I have also learnt that such incident had happened in Selangor in the early 1980s. The Selangor Kaikan was taken overnight by the betrayers then. But, look at our comrades in Selangor today. When this Johor incident happened, how did it impact them? In my opinion, our comrades in Selangor did not even raise an eyebrow. To them it was like business as usual. In fact, it energies them further to once again have the opportunity to refute this evil and reveal the truth. They are forging ahead in their shakabuku agenda.

The actions of the devil king might have created confusion at the initial stage or a setback on our kosen-rufu progress, but I always believe and it has been proven time and time again that “When great evil occurs, great good follows.” I am convinced that all that have happened are for the betterment of Malaysia kosen-rufu. I am also optimistic that in the near future we will receive more victory reports from respective States and the 5 Regions in KL.

What then, were the organization strengths that halted the devil king to penetrate the organization? In part 4, we shall ponder on these organization strengths.

Once again, thank you for reading this personal viewpoint.