Written by : Sunriseman

Since submitting the write-up of Sunrise part 1, more and more bright sunrays have continued to shine on the organization. The feeling is so, so, so wonderful. The sharing by the Youth Leaders after their seminar in India was so energetic. I have not seen such an outpour of determination from the Youth for quite a while. Though it was 8 of them, but I could feel their sincerity and determination in their tone. Then came Dr. Ouchi sharing on sansho shima. The lecture was so amazing that it somehow triggered myself to do a quick check on my bonding on the “Oneness of Master & Disciple”. The registration for the Nichiren Buddhism Entrance Course (NBEC) was so overwhelming that the organization decided to have additional sessions to cater for Soka friends. I take my hat off to those leaders in sharing Nichiren Daishonin teachings and to the organization for their swift decision to cater for the needs of Soka friends. Through our practice let’s continue to deepen our bond with our mentor-in-life and continue to support our SGM Exco to ensure we meet our objectives in this two years.

Let’s continue with the sharing of my opinion on the following:

1) Are there still NBA and dissidents within the organization? Why they do not voluntarily resign their leadership or leave the organization?

2) Is there a conspiracy between anti-gakkai, NBA, and the dissidents? The NBA says that they have the mentor/disciple spirit but they did not reveal who their mentor-in-life is? The dissidents say they do not follow NBA but their questions and demands are the same as NBA?

3) Do these events have any link with the group of YMD who tried to boycott GD Mr. Koe back then?

We can be certain that there are still NBA and dissidents within the organization. In fact, I come to know of a group of MD leaders both at the SGM and Region level, who boycotted GD Koh SF plan of actions over the Johor incident. This had caused many leaders at the Honbu level and below to be confused on what is happening which obviously delayed the resolution to the incident.

Who are these MD SGM & Region leaders? Those who did not stand up to support GD and instead, were instigating others with misinformation are the suspicious ones. Amongst those who are suspicious, some have gone to NBA like Chai Fook Peng, and a few had their leadership redrawn.

For those remaining ones, why they did not want to voluntarily resign or leave the organization? Perhaps they have not finished with their ill-intention to destroy the organization. But we are not going to let them, we know who they are, and they know we are watching them. Moving forward, let’s do a “slam dunk” on them.

What had caused them to behave in such a manner? One senior is of the opinion that it was because in their practice, they did not constantly review and perform their human revolution. Another District leader believes that their practice was not based on the grassroots but more to promoting their image and status in the organization. Most of us would add to the fact that they did not have the mentor in their hearts. I am reminded on the part where Ikeda Sensei mentioned how he carried Toda Sensei’s photo with him and reports to him on his challenges and victories in kosen-rufu. I wonder for those MD SGM and Region leaders who have betrayed the trust of the organization, what do they do when it comes to the Gongyo 2nd silent prayer? Did they skip it?

Perhaps they might be a few of them who were influenced into boycotting GD. Instead of repenting they continued to be a pawn of the master mind in this evil scheme because they wanted to maintain their pride. For such leaders who fell twice into the Three Poisons of “greed / anger / foolishness”, there is no medicine that could cure them. If they are so easily swayed by the Eight Winds, what’s the use of having them around. Instead of being the Golden Pillars they are mere “Lalang”.

Comparing Chai Fook Peng and them, I am less angry towards Chai Fook Peng. It is unfortunate that he chose to go to NBA but at least with him, it is clear cut now.

In the FAQ of this blog, you can read more in regards to whom NBA is affiliated with. In my opinion, we should focus on those dissidents who say they are not associated or influenced by NBA but nevertheless ask and demand the same as NBA. We must unmask their identity quickly, otherwise, they will continue to:

  1. create havoc at discussion meeting venues
  2. discredit practitioners and their family members
  3. continue to instigate leaders to resign
  4. manipulate the emotions of leaders & members and recruiting them to their group

But they will fail yet again. This is because the SUNRISE is rising in SGM. Leaders and members are increasingly standing up to refute the evils and revealing the truth. It is so wonderful that we are energizing ourselves with all the positive energies, pouring ourselves into kosen-rufu activities together with our master-in-life, and seeing more warm, happy and smiling faces. Such a wonderful feeling.

Back in the 1980’s a group of YMD left their leadership after their failed attempt to boycott GD Koe. And it was because they did not get promoted to the leadership as expected. Many of them are in the MD now. If we review the name-list of dissidents and those who have gone to NBA, it should not be a surprise that many were close comrade of the group of YMD who created trouble back in the 1980’s.

All these untoward happenings in the organization is a quarrel within the Men Division. And its root cause dates back to the 1980’s. It is unfortunate to see them holding grudges and hatred all these years. Gosh! it is more than 30 years they are holding these grudges and hatred. What kind of teachings have they been practicing? So sad, so sad, to see these MD in such deplorable life condition.

Men, oh! Men, is a high position in the organization so important in the quest to attain absolute happiness and to live a meaningful and fulfilling life? Men, oh! Men, is it so difficult to detach the grudges and hatred you held inside you? Men, oh! Men, these are the same people who is saying that the organization needs to change but they themselves have been holding on to their grudges and hatred all these years and have not changed. Sorry, they have changed, but changed to be more evil and in-humane.

Because of their own personal grudges and hatred, these MD have been planning since 2014 coming up with schemes to instigate and mislead the other 3 Divisions to go against the organization. Men, oh! Men, since the quarrel is within the MD, why get the other 3 divisions involved? We believe more leaders & members from the 3 divisions will come back to the organization when they realize they have been misled and manipulated.

Of course, they are also many MD who have detached themselves from this “grudges and hatred” and they are now in the forefront refuting such evils, their 2nd time round. I cannot begin to fathom the good causes they will be accumulating. They have become a good role model in being the Golden Pillars for kosen-rufu.

For those MD who are holding grudges and hatred, is their target really the EXCO members?

Let’s ponder over this. In,

2014 it was the “Year of Opening a New Era of World Wide Kosen-rufu”

2015 it was the “Year of Dynamic Development in the New Era of World Wide Kosen-rufu”

2016 it was the “Year of Expansion in the New Era of World Wide Kosen-rufu”

2017 it is “Year of Developing Youth in the New Era of World Wide Kosen-rufu”

When did the Johor incident happen? It will be a surprise if sansho shima do not arise to stop the movement of kosen-rufu in the New Era. So, coming back to the earlier question, is their target the EXCO members? Their ultimate target is our Ikeda Sensei but they thought that by discrediting the EXCO members in Malaysia, they will discredit Ikeda Sensei. But as the Gosho teaches, when we are able to discern the workings of the sansho shima, we will not fear and be influenced by them.

So, now we know:

1) it is a quarrel within the Men Division

2) it is because of past grudges and hatred dating back to the 1980

3) the root-cause is in obtaining higher leadership status

For those dissidents who continue to bad mouth the organization, disrespect the principle of the oneness of master & disciple, and create unrest at discussion meeting venues, we should not welcome them to our meeting venues. Yes, the dissidents will say such is the in-humane action of the organization. Think about it, is it really in-humane or is it a compassionate action to deter them from further disrupting and creating havoc at meeting venues?

The main reasons I contribute my house as a meeting venue, is to repay my gratitude to the organization and more importantly, using it for the gathering of Soka Buddhas to share the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin under Soka Gakkai International banner. Being the house owner of the meeting venue, I have the absolute right not to welcome those who come to make troubles.

These dissidents, they know that being compassionate and forgiving is the weakness of Gakkai leaders and members. These dissidents thinks that they can just walk in to meeting venues and create havoc.

But not anymore, enough is enough. Ikeda Sensei has requested you, the Men Division to be the Golden Pillars to protect the other 3 Divisions, giving them a conducive environment and atmosphere to practice ND teachings.

What approach did the devil king used to try to penetrate the organization? Perhaps in Sunrise Part 3 we can ponder on what are the possible “cracks in the organization” exploited by the devil king.

Thank you for reading my personal viewpoint.