Written by: Sunriseman

I started practicing ND Buddhism in 1986. Over the 30 years, I had followed the guidances of our successive SGM General Directors. For each of them, our mentor-in-life, Ikeda Sensei in his message had requested that we protect and support the nominated GD. Through them, I had witnessed the vast advancement of kosen-rufu in Malaysia especially with the building of Kaikan in respective states and gaining recognition from other organization and government department.

I have heard of the anti-gakkai who robbed the Selangor Kaikan back in the eighties and created disharmony for family members. I have also witnessed a group of YMD trying to boycott GD Mr. Koe in the late eighties.

On 8th Jan 2017, I had to again witness the unruly scene in what the dissidents called a “Black Day”. It was a sad scene to witness but is it really a “Black Day”, I asked myself?

I went through the process of chanting, pondering, and assessing the happening on that day. After a few days, mid-way through my chanting, an awakening dawned on me. It sent a chill down my spine. It became crystal clear that 8th Jan 2017 was not a “Black Day” but a “Sunrise” in SGM. When the word, “Sunrise” came to my mind, it sent another chill through my spine. It was the title of the first New Human Revolution book.

What went through my mind in arriving at this conclusion?

1) It was an auspicious day where new batch of leaders rose up to accept and renew their resolution to propagate ND teachings through the organization to give hope and happiness to our community

2) It was a triumphant day where we get to know more members who left for NBA, compared to 2015 & 2016 where we were in the dark as to who the culprits were. Among the names mentioned, I could recognise Chai Fook Peng name. He was once a SGM MD Chief but is now a Vice Chairman of NBA (KL Branch). With his identity exposed, I clearly understand the reasons for the Johor incident, all the fake news being spread, and inciting hate & doubts within the organization

3) It was a day that proves the organization is truly humane and a non-violent organization

a) NBA & dissidents had kept saying that SGM is an in-humane organization but what I witnessed was their in-excusable in-humane behaviours in their staged unruly scene

b) SGM security team was simply superb in managing the staged unruly scene

★ A quote from Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high.” The life condition of the security team was high and they did not waiver even when they were provoked by the dissidents. I am so proud of them. Syabas to them. Huat ah! Huat ah!

★ The calling in of the police to calm the situation was the manifestation of the wisdom of the security team and in maintaining their non-violent behaviours to protect the organization

★ Seeing the security team standing there and chanting daimoku even under provocation was really overwhelming and in my mind their actions and life condition relates to the spirit of Bodhisattva Fukyo

★ Had we not maintained a high life condition and remained calm to manage the situation we would have fallen to their ill intention plot to video the organization as an in-humane and authoritarian one. NMHRGK, NMHRGK, NMHRGK we did not fall into their trap

4) I asked myself, why did they staged the unruly scene on that day? I believe majority of us would agree that they wanted to again play the “emotional card” on the leaders. Not only did it not succeed but their ill intention back-fired. It “opened our eyes” in that it reaffirmed in us, that it is not how long one have practiced ND Buddhism, not how many one have shakabuku, and how much one have contributed to gokuyo. It is how sincere one was in his practice, shakabuku, and gokuyo and in the process, did one really perform one’s human revolution? If not, one is merely practicing with a pretence to gain fame and recognition falling into the 3 poisons of greed, anger, & foolishness

As mentioned earlier, it sent chill to my spine when I realised that it was not a “Black Day” but rather a “Sunrise” in SGM. In the NHR book, it was when Ikeda Sensei sets out to Hawaii opening a journey on worldwide propagation of ND Buddhism.

The “Sunrise” in SGM will be a different journey compared to the “Sunrise” mentioned in the NHR book. But the thought that in the next 2 years we have the opportunity to travel together with our mentor-in-life on this kosen rufu journey in Asia, brings great excitement and it is this excitement that sends a chill down my spine.

Finally, the bright and vibrant sunlight rays for kosen rufu in SGM has arrived. In my opinion, the bright and vibrant sunlight rays shone when SGM announced the establishment of the SGI South-east Asia Training Centre (SEATC) on 22nd March 2014 and with its role expanded it is renamed to SGI Asia Culture and Education Centre (SGI ACEC) at its official opening on 27th Nov 2016. It is the roar of the lion for greater good.

To achieve this “great good” it is inevitable and natural that spoilers would arise. However, we have triumphed over them, and in the process, we have unmasked the ill intention of the Johor incident with their setup of NBA branches, spreading of fake news and in-complete information to mislead and incite hate & doubts with the organization.

We could triumph over these adversities because of our daimoku and the strong and mystical master/disciple bond with Ikeda Sensei. We are ready to rise up and to enjoy the Sunrise in SGM. Wow! what a great feeling, what an excitement to look forward to.

Are there still NBA and dissidents within the organization? They think we are stupid and blind but you and I know who they are. Why they do not voluntary resign their leadership or leave the organization, you and I, we know why. Is there a conspiracy theory between anti-gakkai, NBA, and the dissidents? The NBA says that they have the mentor/disciple spirit but did not say who their mentor-in-life is? The dissidents say they do not follow NBA but their questions and demands are the same as NBA? Also, do these events have any link with the group of YMD who tried to boycott GD Mr. Koe back then?

Perhaps in the next sharing, we can ponder on what this conspiracy theory could be? Even if I do not continue to share, I believe majority of us knows what the conspiracy theory is and I would be merely stating the obvious.

Thank you for reading this personal viewpoint.