Sharing of key points on Letter to Mizawa – Study lecture by Dr Ouchi on 01 Apr, 2017 (2 to 5pm session):

  1. Kosen-rufu and our lives is an eternal struggle – It is a battle between evil forces and Buddha forces [between the Buddha and all kinds of opposing, negative forces].
  1. We must chant abundant Daimoku in order to defeat the evil forces.
  1. As written in Human Revolution and New Human Revolution, Toda Sensei always pray and chant to break the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, and to win and conquer the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven.
  1. The essence of Devil King of the Sixth Heaven is to deprive people of their benefits and even their lives.
  1. We can’t really recognize Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, that’s why he or she is so powerful (or sometimes even handsome looking). We have to follow Sensei and Gosho in order to defeat the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, i.e. We will win and defeat Devil King of the Sixth Heaven when Sensei and Gosho is the central of our Lives.
  1. We should summon up the courage to fight for kosen-rufu based on Gosho.
  1. People will manifest their Buddha nature, their strong life force to conquer evil forces by doing Shakubuku, especially when one’s life is clouded with illusions.
  1. We will conquer and win over evil forces when we make advancement in kosen-rufu!
  1. We must unite together and support our GD and central leadership appointed by Sensei in order to advance in kosen–rufu.
  1. Even in the absence of Sensei in the future, we must unite and support GD appointed by SGI.
  1. We must strongly support the unity of itai-doshin. failing which kosen-rufu can never be achieved.
  1. When Nichiren Daishonin was sentenced to exile in the desolated Sado Island, it was an ordeal unimaginable by today’s standard, amidst extreme deprivation. The dwelling he was assigned there was a small, dilapidated shrine which had been used for funerary rites. The conditions Daishonin faced were truly harsh. It was bitterly cold, lacked of sufficient foods and warm clothing.  And threatened by hostile Nembutsu followers who sought to take his life.
  1. Imagining the severe persecution endured by ND during his exile in Sado Island, we must be strong like ND in order to win over and realized victory amid worst sort of adversities we are facing now.
  1. We must believe that we enjoy benefits from our practice and also the punishment (that those who slander the practice will incur). There is no confusion and there is no gap in between about this!
  1. Advancement in kosen-rufu will set forth to defeat all devilish functions.
  1. In carrying out the Shakubuku, we ourselves will definitely realize tremendous benefits, good fortune and happiness with great sense of joy when we achieved 10,000 Shakubuku!

17. Those who are not in this Shakubuku Campaign, will miss the train.

  1. They’ll try to get back to the train when realizing later that this in itself is able to manifest a profound happiness and tremendous benefits in our lives!
  1. If you don’t join the train, you will be confused.
  1. Please advance for the sake of Sensei, and for the sake of kosen-rufu so that we will have no regret in our lives!

21. Please ask those leaders of Soka Gakkai to quit if they do not follow Ikeda Sensei’s guidance.