Recently some members received a text message which contains a malicious fake news from our former SGM MD Chief CFP. This article basically is saying that Sensei may have passed away in between year 2012 to 2013, resulting in power struggles in many Soka Gakkai organizations throughout the world. We won’t be surprised if this malicious manufactured news were to come from outsiders or ignorant members, but it came from our former MD Chief!

We hope CFP has not forgotten that he was among the SGM delegates (which includes our late former GD Mr. Koe, GD Mr. Koh and SKT) that witnessed the opening ceremony of The Hall of Great Vow for Kosen-rufu at SGI Headquarters in November, 2013. During that trip, Sensei and Mrs. Ikeda appeared in high spirit in front of The Hall of Great Vow and waved to SGI delegates with SGI flags, CFP was there too. All SGI delegates were very touched and overwhelmed by Sensei’s compassionate gesture. We wonder how can CFP forget this touching episode in Nov 2013 so easily and instead spread a fake news that says Sensei may have passed away between 2012 to 2013? Or he believed he had not seen the real Sensei then? To believe Sensei had passed away between 2012 to 2013 is utter rubbish because Hall of Great Vow was only completed in 2013 and there are many photos to testify that Sensei was there to perform Gongyo during the enshrinement ceremony of Joju Gohonzon on November 05, 2013.

What a shame! It is indeed an utter betrayal to Sensei and Gakkai since Sensei had put so much trust and training in you. Now you have not only joined NBA, but also spreading this type of malicious lies to curse Sensei and cause harm and disunity in Gakkai. How ungrateful you are! It pains our hearts to see you have to stoop so low to defame your mentor in order to justify your actions.

Please remember SGI is a responsible worldwide organization that is highly respected by many people throughout the world. It is inconceivable to even think that SGI would resort to create some fake news (to prove the Sensei is still alive) to deceive our members. However, there bound to be people like CFP that would casually spread this type of sensational fake news so as to confuse our members. Perhaps the strictness of cause and effect means nothing to them.

Looking back now, it was indeed a very wise decision for Gakkai to remove CFP as SGM MD Chief back in November, 2015. Gakkai leaders that do not have mentor in their heart, ungrateful to the debts of gratitude and causing disunity within Gakkai will definitely destroy our organization in the future. We should be grateful that SGI and Executive Central Committee (ECC) took a bold and brave decision to remove cancer cells in our organization despite facing tremendous pressure from within, and foreseeable attacks on their unpopular decision during that turbulent time. That crucial decision had indeed saved SGM.

When the decision to remove CFP as MD Chief and other leadership realignments was announced, many of their supporters and sympathizers accused GD and ECC of being inhumane and authoritative. It is very clear for us now that GD and ECC had to do what is necessary to prevent SGM from falling into the hands of people with ulterior motive. It was a courageous decision to protect the organization. To protect the Gakkai is to protect the Mystic Law.

We truly hope those followers and sympathizers of anti-gakkai people have finally seen their true colors, sincerely repent to the Gohonzon and return to the path of mentor and disciple.

In the “Letter from Sado”, Nichiren Daishonin clearly stated that in the Latter Day of the Law they are full of people with “Nature of the Beasts”. Beasts mean irrational, unable to reason what is right and wrong, immoral and act according to one’s desire and instinct. Let us follow strictly Daishonin’s teaching to rebuke “with the heart of a lion king” any malicious lies and slanders that aim to destroy Soka Gakkai, the organization of Buddha’s decree and intent.