Siew KT, former vice GD of SGM, the chief architect that wanted to topple SGM top leadership by spreading slanderous anonymous letters against SGM senior leaders in 2014, and by instigating some senior leaders in Johor to fight and slander SGM top leadership after the breaking out of Johor Incident, had finally appeared in Nichiren Shu and NBA meeting recently.
One of the Nichiren Shu’s priest in the meeting is Ito Yuon. We upload some photos of Ito Yuon’s activities (most of them taken from Ito’s Facebook) for you to make your own judgement whether Nichiren Shu is correctly practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.
How can NBA revive Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism by joining forces with Nichiren Shu?
It is very obvious there is no more mentor and disciple spirit left in SKT’s heart. You have totally betrayed your mentor, SKT. NMHRGK, NMHRGK, NMHRGK.