We are shocked to find out that existing SGM vice General Director, Mr. Lee Kok Kheng, went to Skudai together with SKT and some NBA and Nichiren Shu followers on 22/9/17 (Friday).  Above photo was downloaded from Facebook few days ago. Apparently there was a Lotus Sutra Exchange Meeting conducted by NBA and Nichiren Shu in Skudai on last Friday. One of the Nichiren Shu’s follower “Liew Xiau Shan” even declared that he’s going to be a monk soon on that day.


We are not sure why Mr. Lee made a trip there together with NBA and Nichiren Shu followers. Maybe he just went there for tour; maybe he participated in NBA and Nichiren Shu meeting; maybe just went there to meet up with some friends, or perhaps he was there to meet up with NBA leaders and Nichiren Shu monks for some discussions. But the fact that he went there with some NBA and Nichiren Shu followers is enough to raise eyebrows of many SGM leaders and members!

We are not so sure whether Mr. Lee had SGM or SGI’s consent to join NBA and Nichiren Shu followers for Skudai trip, but we doubt Gakkai was ever informed by Mr. Lee of his Skudai trip. We wonder why Mr. Lee, as SGM vice GD, would mix around with those anti-gakkai people. What was his motive for doing this?

Dear Mr. Lee, are you consciously aware that you are still our SGM vice GD? In view of the serious implication of your actions, we feel that as our vice GD it is very important for you to explain to all members why did you mix around with NBA and Nichiren Shu followers and what did you do in Skudai last weekend? Your efforts to dispel our doubts would be very much appreciated. Thank you.