The Spirit of Offering and Creating Fortune through Gokuyo made to SGM
  • All/any Gokuyo and financial contributions made to the SGM are significant and meaningful (“Contributions”).
  • All our Contributions to SGM including our sincere prayers, time, efforts and care for one another, are treasures and great fortunes. Financial offerings, too, are tremendous causes.
  • With all of our Contributions made to SGM, we are creating and making great causes for our own happiness.
  • When we make sincere offerings or Gokuyo to SGM, we are making a cause to change our destiny— just as it’s true that when we chant, we are changing our karma.
  • How this change in karma will manifest, though, no one can readily predict. When we make offerings, we increase our good fortune.
  • That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that we increase our wealth in term of increasing balance in our bank accounts and also not necessarily monetarily.
  • Contributions should not be perceived or construed to functioned/operated like investments.
  • There’s a subtle yet profound distinction between having no slightest doubt that Contributions result in benefit and expecting a specific benefit because we make Contributions.
  • If we contribute with a purity of heart that expects nothing in return, that’s when we reap the most benefit.
  • Our HEART is what matters most.
  • What’s most important is our JOY at being able to make such contributions. As SGI President Ikeda writes in The New Human Revolution, “Such joy is the true spirit of offering and it is the wellspring of abundant good fortune”

Without support from believers, the Buddha could not propagate the Law. He could not help others become enlightened to the Law to which he himself had become enlightened. As Nichiren Daishonin writes, “Even if a person of wisdom who embraces the correct teaching existed, how could he propagate it without lay believers who supported him?” (WND, 752). Since the Buddha’s behavior is based upon his compassion, when we support the Buddha’s compassionate behavior, we accumulate good causes within our lives, which will result in benefit and fortune. Making Gokuyo to support the activities of the SGM constitutes genuine Buddhist offerings in contemporary times.

“The Buddha taught that the blessings of a single offering to the votary of this sutra are a hundred, thousand, ten thousand, million times greater than those of offering countless treasures to Shakyamuni Buddha for eight million kalpas. When one encounters this sutra, one will overflow with happiness and shed tears of joy. It seems impossible to repay one’s debt to Shakyamuni Buddha. But by your frequent offerings to me deep in this mountain you will repay the merciful kindness of both the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha”—“Letter to Niike” (WND, 1026–27)

– End –