• It is another unscrupulous and evil attempt by NBA and rebellious sympathizers (who were still cowardly hidden in dark within the organization) to slander, demonize and mislead people into thinking the integrity of SGM is questionable with malicious slur, completely fabricated falsehood and manipulated reasons.
  • Now, to determine “the unbiased/unprejudiced evaluation of the credibility of serious allegation against SGM on the alleged breach of governance and alleged abuses of transparency ” made by the writers/accusers of evil blogs – should be called into question, and;
  • Credibility will be undermined if, on balance, the explanation cannot be supported by or contrary to the FACTS.
  • Similarly, credibility (including the credibility of the writers/accusers) can also be called into question if the explanation is unduly vague, not credible or seems completely fabricated lies, and untrue, e.g. where the explanation shifts, inaccurate or inconsistent reasons are given without a concrete evidence.
  • I dare the writers/accusers of the evil blogs to proceed against the alleged accusations with Full Force, so that No One Would Dare Make Spurious Allegations against the alleged serious breach of governance and transparency issues committed by SGM and to formally FILE a Written Charge-Sheet against SGM.
  • The writers/accusers should have stood up for “Justice”, then come forward and be held fully responsible with their Charge-Sheet duly signed-off by them  against SGM and give very specific:
  1. Names, and
  2. Exact details as to When, What, How and Who in SGM has committed such a breach of governance and abuses of transparency

We are NOT afraid to follow Truth in strict accordance with the path of Master and Disciple wherever or whoever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error, corrupted practice, malicious lies and falsehood to mislead others into sufferings.  We’re always on the side of Justice strictly in accordance with the Law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Therefore……to the writers/accusers of evil blogs – be courageous to let us know:

  1. Who you are?
  2. Where you are?
  3. How to contact you?

So that we can fight along-side with you to defend your alleged “Truth” or “Justice”!

  • The malicious slur need to be challenged head-on, not to keep your @ writers/accusers’ identity hidden, and;
  • Remain completely anonymous or secret if you have Nothing-To-Hide, and if your alleged accusation is Truthful and Reliable, why worry to openly disclose your identity? And why not come forward to face us with your written Charge-Sheet?
  • I am sure will you will agree with me, Enemy is a Creature of Darkness, that Walk, Speak & Hide in Darkness, and;
  • Unashamedly lying through their teeth to harm others (i.e. only good at telling one lie after another lie to mislead & confuse others), liars are cowards, cowards are notorious & only good at hiding behind the lies & deceit, and;
  • In no way they can come out into the light to defend the Truth and Uphold Honesty!

In Part II,  I would like to share with you the spirit of offering and creating good fortune through Gokuyo made to SGM.