Over the past two years, we have learned that NBA and their supporters have been plagued by a deeply ingrained confrontational attitude of resorting to hate, anger, malicious lies or prolong slander toward the Gakkai and its central leadership.

Unfortunately, NBA and their supporters have expressively demonstrated a slanderous and revengeful tendency toward practices and actions that run-counter to the essential spirit of the Daishonin’s Buddhism.

Their actions are disrupting unity and hindering the propagation of the Daishonin’s teachings.

When NBA and their supporters denounce Ikeda Sensei, recklessly condemn and demonize Gakkai, it is done with a malicious intent to confuse, abuse and mislead our members in order to gain followers and also their sympathies.

In the Gosho, the Daishonin writes: ‘When truth and error stand shoulder to shoulder…one must set aside all other affairs and devote one’s attention to rebuking slander of the Law. This is the practice of shakubuku’ and in another Gosho, the Daishonin quotes Chang-an, who writes, ‘If you befriend another person but lack the mercy to correct him, then you are in fact his enemy’.

It has become so apparent that NBA and their supporters blatantly intend to destroy the members’ faith and the Soka Gakkai as the whole, without any concern that doing so will only disrupt the progress of Kosen-Rufu yet misleading our members to fell into the hell of incessant suffering.

In light of the Daishonin’s Buddhism, how can we interpret NBA and their supporters’ actions?

As we have learned through our study, they have clearly manifested the slanderous behaviour and negative function of what the sutra calls the ‘third of the three powerful enemies’, in fear of losing their personal fame or profit and to protect their own selfish interests, contrive to disrupt and destroy the votaries of the Lotus Sutra.

If they are successful, people will be denied the joy of ever learning of, and realizing their own precious potential for Buddhahood, i.e. cutting-off all the seeds for becoming a Buddha.

NBA and their supporters cannot make the direct connection with the Daishonin’s spirit through the Gosho and the example set by our Mentor, President Ikeda, who has consistently put into practice the spirit of his predecessors. Reason being, these sympathisers accept and follow the devilish slanderer @ NBA leaders, SKT, HCT, LKK, JL, WWL and Nichiren Shu rather than Nichiren Daishonin and our Mentor, Ikeda Sensei.

Even the Daimoku cannot at this moment, penetrate the hearts of all such slanderers.

As long as they remain Evil Masters and Deceivers to destroy Buddhism, to defame and demonize Gakkai and continue to associate with Nichiren Shu or other Anti-Gakkai Heretical Sects, they will never gain a correct view.

  • Their Object of Worship is gravely slanderous and mistaken.
  • Their practice is veering far off the path of correct faith.

Think about this carefully of those Evil and Erroneous Views spread by NBA and their supporters……..

  1. Is it correct to help those who deceive people and rob or pollute our members of their correct faith?
  2. Is it correct to help NBA and their supporters who slander a Buddha thus commits a grave offense to violate the teachings of the Daishonin?
  3. Is it correct to destroy Gakkai, betray our Mentor and betray or disapprove Nichiren Daishonin?

The fact is the close associate and trusted partner of NBA, Nichiren Shu, have embraced and worshipped an image of Shakyamuni Buddha.

There are those who have doubts against and blatantly betrayed Daishonin and so in their hearts purported claimed to believe in the Lotus Sutra, but pray to the images of Shakyamuni Buddha.

The NBA leaders and their supporters, including SKT, LKK, HCT, JL and WWL far from admonishing these heretical Nichiren sects and slanderous teachings, but in turn, they are closely, openly and actively pander to them through their activities. Their evil intent and slanderous act is unthinkably beyond description, Mad and Bad!

Thus far and till now…..what have they done to protect our member’s faith? NOTHING BUT DESTRUCTION.  NO ONE from NBA and/or their supporters (including the lecturers of evil blog) admonish such slanderous acts associated with Nichiren Shu.

It is definitely no small occurrence if they are sinfully and slanderously acting contrary to the Lotus Sutra and defied, attacked the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin.

We can only conclude that the NBA, their supporters, the lecturers in the evil blog (“Traitors / Ingrates”) did not even bother to rebuke the evil or fail to speak to impart the true – but they have in turn wholeheartedly condoned, encouraged, seek support and guidance from these slanderers and Nichiren Shu, and give them unconditional support and succour to destroy our members, to attack Gakkai and slander the Daishonin’s Buddhism.

NEVER ONCE do they utter the lion’s roar as did Nichiren taught us to do so to rebuke evils, and in fact, NBA and their supporters are the enemy of Buddha.

By their very attitude and give an account of their actions speak plainly and clearly that they went over to the other side @ evils, and joined the Buddha Enemy!  DO NOT BE FOOLED, CONNED OR DECEIVED BY THE TRAITORS / INGRATES!

As always, they try to manipulate and convince you by quoting Diashonin’s Gosho and Ikeda Sensei’s Guidance to cover up their ill intention. Do not fall into this evil trap and be deceived by their malicious acts with fabricated lies.

Also, be cautiously careful and aware, once a manipulator @ Buddha Enemy succeeds in taking advantage of you, he or she will likely repeat the violation until you put a stop to the exploitation.

Last but least, by speaking out when that darkness is revealed in behaviour that hinders the propagation of the Law, we strengthen our power to curtail the evil within us. It is crucial that we clearly address evil or devilish functions in the course of our practice and kosen-rufu. To be passive in the face of such forces would be foolish because these forces themselves are not passive. Nichiren states, “To hope to attain Buddhahood without speaking out against slander is as futile as trying to find water in the midst of fire or fire in the midst of water”.