Once again on 12/3/17 we are eagerly waiting & patiently sitting inside IPA hall past 1hr+, when GD about to offer his guidance, a lady and few others, without hesitation & respect to few hundreds other leaders, stood up & exclaims loudly her questions & remarks without any regards to this ALM venue.
It’s so sad that such unbecoming  behavior still exist after Jan 8th 2017 within SGM Leaders.
I guess its “sleeping with yr enemies strategies” to be mutually engaged .
While as an individual, I respect & astonished by SGM’s kind & compassion towards the group “rebels-within”, I can empathize the core concern of SGM offers to them.
But towards this “rebels-within” to operate with their own destructive agendas , which is not in line with “itai dosin” with our mentor Ikeda Sensei. If they are so gung-ho about systems, rights, compassion they should go all out to shakubuku the few hundreds thousands non- members right?
While, few rational leaders quickly went over to the few  “rebels-within” to pacify their sudden verbal outburst & restore sanity, it goes to demonstrate the misled few still harbors unfounded accusations that have caused disunity, mischievously masking as judge & jury crusaders with ill-guided information & actions.
As such this group in my personal opinion should be sent to “rehabilitation camps”.
This on-going outburst during meetings is not only demeaning but an act of decorum & insubordination of SGM/SGI per say.
Third Eye


a) Over the past two years, for there is a small group of NBA & dissidents as well as those rebellious sympathisers (still hiding in the dark, cunningly under-covered behind the curtain of “queitrevo” yet pretentiously & bullshit their way out to be the “bridge” over the gap. Either, we are not that naive to be misguided into believing their questionable behaviour @ bogus scam) [“Anti-Gakkai Propaganda ”], have made full of meaningless talk, deception, false and erroneous statement against SGM!
b) My personal observation, this blog “mylionroar” was highly commendable, being honest and really telling the truth to breaking all such evil lies & malicious falsehoods made by Anti-Gakkai Propaganda.
c) I must say that this honest blog is long anticipated and long awaited, come as a surprise to me when I was being referred by someone to browse through it.
d) As I see it, this blog speak out for what is right, refute the erroneous, rebuke the evil lies and reveal the true! That is the Essence of Buddhism.
e) Yes, we are extremely disturbed and upset by those false, evil lies and completely erroneous statements made by Anti-Gakkai Propaganda about our beloved Ikeda Sensei, GD, Central Leadership and SGM (“Evil Lies & Malicious Falsehoods”), and;
f) We too strongly believe and well-aware these Evil Lies & Malicious Falsehoods were completely baseless and fabricated, and is a concrete proof of Anti-Gakkai Propaganda‘s misleading intent to defame/destroy our organization and the truth of Buddhism.
g) They must be silenced, because they are disrupting our comrades of faith by “manufacturing” lies & falsehood they ought not to commit or slander – and that for the sake of their dishonest gain, for the sake of their ego-driven needs for control, recognition, fame & power to fulfill their self-serving agenda.
h) Quotes from the Gosho : “To hope to attain Buddhahood without speaking out against slander is as futile as trying to find water in the midst of fire or fire in the midst of water.” And Writings of Nichiren Daishonin : “Only the worms that are born from the body of the lion itself will feed on the lion’s flesh. In the same way, Ananda, the Buddha’s teachings cannot be destroyed by outside forces. But the evil monks who exist within the body of my teachings — they are the ones who will destroy these teachings that the Buddha has laboured over and worked to establish for a period of three great asamkhya kalpas.”
i) Therefore, as reader of this blog, a genuine effort to rebuke them sharply and thoroughly is greatly appreciated & required, so that people will not be conned, mislead and misguided into Anti-Gakkai Propaganda’s erroneous ideas and falsehoods that cause them into hell of incessant suffering and misery, and;
j) Thus, preventing them from fall into the evil paths, and to be sound in the faith, pay no attention to those (including NBA & dissidents as well as those rebellious sympathisers) who seek to betray SGM, betray our Mentor Ikeda Sensei, betray Nichiren Daishonin, and thereon destroy Buddhism and destroy one’s happiness!
k) In fact, both the hearts & minds/consciences of Anti-Gakkai Propaganda are corrupted. They claim to know the Law of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, they follow the path of Oneness of Master & Disciple, but their actions are despicable and they deny & at the onset to outright reject & betray Sensei. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.
l) Nothing is more foolish than to be taken in by such corrupt people. It is important that we see through them – to reject the oneness of mentor and disciple is to reject the mutual possession of the Ten Worlds – it constitutes an attack on the fundamental equality of all human beings.
m) Quotes from President Ikeda’s Guidance: The Daishonin states, “Though evils may be numerous, they cannot prevail over a single great truth”. Both SGI’s pride and tradition exists in the spirit of refuting evil thoughts and erroneous beliefs (that will misguide people into suffering and misery). Never ever yield to any form of injustice or malicious lies!”
n) “Buddhist compassion entails fighting against traitors and ingrates. The Soka Gakkai is the most joyful and harmonious realm in the entire universe. We cannot permit devilish forces to destroy it. We must never let even one individual with evil intentions come anywhere near our noble organization!”
o) To attain Buddhahood, we have to thoroughly conquer our own inner evil. The concrete means for doing so is struggling against and defeating external evil. Struggling to defeat evil enables us to polish and purify our lives and attain Buddhahood. Because we strive against the ultimate evil, we attain the ultimate good.
p) To remain silent and passive in the face of evil is itself an evil act. As founding Soka Gakkai President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi noted, those who pretend not to see a wrong or injustice are, by their silence, contributing to its escalation and end up no different from the wrongdoers. Kosen-rufu is a struggle of words and ideas. As such, we must fight resolutely against erroneous ideas and falsehoods that cause people suffering and misery! Let me again share some teachings of Mr. Toda. On one occasion, he said: “People who are lax toward evil, people who do not fight against wrong, no matter how good-natured they are or how impressive they may appear on the surface, ultimately have no principles, no convictions. They have no real character, either. They are devious, self-serving individuals.”,

Last but not the least, I wish to conclude my this comments based on the extract of
President Ikeda’s Words on Soka Spirit:
§ It is especially important for leaders to be energetic. As leaders, we must courageously speak out against any evil that would cause suffering to our fellow members.
§ Construction entails an all-out struggle; destruction can happen in an instant.
§ Should evil flourish, good will perish. As long as there are courageous people who will battle selflessly against corruption, good can be protected. But if that spirit is lost, destruction will begin immediately.
§ Self-serving people must not be allowed to exploit the Gakkai or the members’ faith.
§ Never give anyone the kind of special status that would place them above criticism even when all around them know something is wrong with their behaviour.
§ Always speak out boldly against wrongdoing. Corruption should be denounced unequivocally. Don’t be timid or cowardly. Cowardice is a form of dishonesty, and dishonesty is evil.
§ Those who neither act nor speak out against wrongdoing when they see it will be guilty of the same offense. This will only erase the good fortune and benefit that they have accumulated thus far.
§ The truly good are those who battle against evil. Buddhism entails a constant struggle against the devilish functions that cause people misery.
§ It is proper and just too strictly refute evil. To do the right thing, one must be strong; without strength, one will not be able to uphold what is right. Justice and courage are inseparable.

Speak out the true