Written by : Evil Buster
1)       SGI members should honour the true and genuine spirit of Mentor and Disciple no matter what, by reaffirming our own determinations to stand up as Bodhisattva of the Earth and strengthening our commitments to advance Kosen-Rufu with the same sincerity and will as our mentor, President Ikeda.
2)       We should constantly renew and reaffirm the promises we made to Shakyamuni Buddha to propagate the Mystic Law in the “Emerging from the Earth” chapter of the Lotus Sutra basing on the path of Mentor and Disciple.
3)       Some people incorrectly interpret the Mentor-Disciple relationship as one of formalized superiority and submission. But, according to the Buddhist teachings, this should NOT BE THE CASE! The Buddhist philosophy that all are equally worthy of respect is no abstract doctrine. It must become the core of one’s own way of life.
4)       “To truly achieve this in Buddhist practice, the disciple needs a mentor who is both a great teacher and a fellow pursuer of self-improvement. Herein lies the true mentor-disciple way. In the simplest terms, it is a relationship of equality between companions who share the will for self-improvement.”
5)       Just wonder who is the mentor for NBA and its rebellious sympathisers!!!
6)        Traitors and Ingrates who study only the writings refer to those who are concerned only with the scholastic aspects (also to fit their own selfish and personal agenda) without understanding the true meaning of the scriptures through Buddha Wisdom and Buddha Compassion, and without firmly grasping the fundamentals.
7)      That all such malicious falsehoods, evil lies written and spread by NBA and rebellious sympathisers are the worst & most slanderous of all is beyond question, an absurdity not worthy of discussion.
8)       In the November 16, 1992 WT, pg 5, President Ikeda stated: “Those who think that the times when the SGI is facing terrible persecutions has nothing to do with themselves will receive no benefits. They have nothing to commend themselves; they have no faith. But those who fight with the conviction that they are personally being   persecuted possess truly great faith. “