Written by : Evil Buster
i)         The NBA and their rebellious sympathizers employ twisted logics as their basis for arguments in order to fit their needs.
j)        Their behaviour fits what had been described in the Gosho of a person who “cleverly uses lies and flattery to capture the hearts of those of little knowledge and destroy the goodness within them”
k)       As we know, NBA and their sympathisers plotted to destroy the Soka Gakkai (“SG”),  GD and Central Leadership of SGM. SG is a universally recognised organization that has been faithfully and truthfully carrying out the true Buddha’s will and intent. Therefore it is crystal clear that what NBA and its sympathisers have been doing is an attempt to disrupt the progress of kosen-rufu.
l)         Traitors and Ingrates have completely lost the spirit of the Daishonin, ignored and discarded the path of Mentor and Disciple and has become a platform to betray Sensei, to betray and defame SG, a real serious cause of slander of the Law.
m)     In Buddhism, lending support to slanderous Traitors and Ingrates is called complicity in slander and results in sharing the same negative causes as such Traitors and Ingrates.
n)       Therefore, visiting, sharing, accepting, connecting, spreading or subscribing into believing and supporting the Traitors and Ingrates or their evil blogs/FB becomes a cause for unhappiness in our lives.
o   Finally, I was thinking how nice it would be if anti-gakkai group and individuals took a moment to reflect on the debt of gratitude they owe to President Ikeda, instead of using and abusing Mentor-Disciple as another opportunity to criticise him and the SGI.
o   I genuinely and truthfully believe with no slightest doubt that SGI is practising Nichiren Buddhism correctly (never and definitely not NBA and the rebellious sympathisers) .
o   And that President Ikeda has been a strong influence in the development of my own understanding of Buddhism, but even people who think their own school of Nichiren Buddhism is the correct one may also and still owe a debt of gratitude to President Ikeda. You might now be a member of another Nichiren sect, or practice as an independent Nichiren Buddhist but if you were introduced to Nichiren Buddhism by an SGI member or used to practise as an SGI member, you owe a debt of gratitude to President Ikeda for his worldwide advancement of kosen-rufu which has enabled you to encounter, and make a connection with, the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra.