Written by : Evil Buster
a)       What a real silly question to ask? So Sorry to be so bold but it is better to be bold now than to be sorry or to be conned later!
b)       Yes, “ENEMY” @ “BUDDHA’S ENEMY” is an undeniable, indisputable and definite answer to this question.
c)       The above is a weird and worthless question intentionally mooted by anti-gakkai group to imply and falsely justify “righteousness”, yet it expresses the “questionable” right behaviour and right contention of NBA and their rebellious sympathisers.
d)      It is unthinkable to believe that someone could be evil enough and do such dirty tricks with malicious intent to cunningly misguide the our fellow comrades in faith into sufferings and miseries.
e)       Of course, you, me and no one can find peace or path to enlightenment towards attaining an absolute happiness in our practice of the Law of until we, the members of the Soka Gakkai, have initiated a “self-starter” action (i.e. please don’t be passive and choose to be a goalkeeper, and only waiting to be hit by NBA) and courageously fighting to defeat the evil forces of NBA and its rebellious sympathisers (“Traitors and Ingrates”) persistently and consistently.
f)        Remember that the inherent harsh criticism and all sort of attacks are natural process and is an inevitable part of practice when we fight with evils.
g)      Receiving negative feedbacks.and unpleasant remarks is never easy and absurdly disturbing but for the sake to protect our Sensei and our Gakkai, we need to be strong, focus and objective to take steps to counter and fight back whatever criticism or evil lies WITHOUT FEAR and WAIVER.
h)      Never, ever waiver nor retreat when facing all manners of evil attacks and criticism harshly manipulated and maliciously manufactured by the Traitors and Ingrates.