SGI President Ikeda Guidance (Thoughts on NHR)

Originally, the world of faith is not built upon the basis of gains and losses, rather on the bond that is based on trust. The connection of this strong lifeline rests with the leaders’ noble spirit and their action in helping people.
Therefore, in order to undermine people’s trust in the leaders, and to create distrust among people, evil persons fabricate lies and slanders about the leaders and the organization, and spread them widely to others.
The Nazis also had a reputation of attacking the Catholic Church by fabricating scandals to discredit the highly respected priests.
It is said that, we can tell one’s personality and state of life from one’s reaction towards rumors. If a person is conceited and sly, he or she will have the tendency to like to listen to rumors.
Leonardo da Vinci said: “Jealousy makes use of fabricated lies and slanders to defame and attack others.”

Interestingly, the bad thing that an evil person uses to defame and accuse others, very often is the very thing he or she has secretly committed before.
One who is often having problems with money, will specially create rumors on money matters; One who likes to flirt with the opposite sex, will specially create rumors on sexual scandals.
“A crab can only dig a hole as big as the size of its shell.” A rumor only reflects the action, desire, thought and life state of the one who creates the rumor.
Sadly, a person who creates rumor cannot believe in a selfless heart and a noble spirit. Such a person cannot even believe there are honest and upright people in this world.
That is why they always think others are like them. In fact they are looking for excuses to justify themselves.
We can tell one’s character, from whether one is able to see through the true nature of rumors, laugh at it, or is willing to be cheated and instigated by rumors.
The saying goes, when a person believes in the rumor, the people around him will start believing in it too.
Even if there is no basis for a rumor, society tends to believe that “there is no smoke without fire.”
If rumor spreads in such a society, it will naturally go viral and will eventually believe to be true. Since ancient times, rumors have always been used to attack people of justice.
In contrast, suffering persecution is proof of justice, we should feel proud of being slandered and persecuted. Kosen-rufu is a battle of words. Now is the time for the young heroes of kosen-rufu to pull out their sharp swords of “correct views”. We must wield the swords of justice and save people from being harmed by the “erroneous views”.