Tee-san, a retiree, has been practicing Daishonin’s Buddhism since 1977. Kwai Leong, a senior lecturer and also a senior leader in PJ area.

Kwai Leong is rather disturbed that some SGM members are making a big fuss on a photo showing ex-vice GD SKT together with some Nichiren Shu priests. One day, both of them met in Sunrise canteen and discussed the topic.

Kwai Leong: Hi Tee-san, how are you doing? What are you doing here?

Tee-san: Aiya, I am old already, I am here for Golden Age Group activities. But my heart is young. Hehehe. How about you?

Kwai Leong: Oh, I just sent my children for cultural group practice.

Tee-san: You seem to be thinking of something.

Kwai Leong: Haiz,…not really. Don’t know why they treat SKT likes this. Just take a photo with some priests then become a big hoohaa.

Tee-san: Hey! This is not a small matter. During his time as central leader in SGM, SKT had planted and promoted many of his buddies in many key leadership positions and some of them are still closely collaborating with him. I am sure you know pretty well that SKT still has a lot of influence over some senior leaders in SGM. Vice GD LKK, some national youth leaders and national MD vice chiefs are still his strong supporters. Don’t pretend la, I know you are also supporting this group of people.

Kwai Leong: Errr….so what? Why shall I pretend? They are all my brothers and friends. But SKT is no longer a leader in SGM, please leave him alone.

Tee-san: But don’t you remember the strict guidance of Toda Sensei: “Never ever relax even the slightest in our pursuit to rebuke the evils.”

Kwai Leong: It is very subjective to brand someone as evil. I don’t buy this concept. Not all priests are bad people too.

Tee-san: But these Nichiren Shu priests are following 5 Senior Priests’ teachings. To attend meeting conducted by them is a very serious matter. I recently spent many hours to study Nikko Shonin’s 26 admonitions again. I can quote you some admonitions to show you that their actions are indeed against Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings.

Kwai Leong: Oh, really? Tell me….

Tee-san: Are you sure you want to listen? It is quite long though….

Kwai Leong: Come on, I am very open minded, not mediocre minds people and small minds people la. Please go ahead.

Tee-san: Ok. Please be patient ya. Let me read from my handphone, I can’t remember so much things la. Hahaha…

Article #2 The doctrines of the five senior priests differ in every regard from the teachings of the late master.

Article #3 There will [in the future] appear persons who slander our school, saying that the Gosho are forged writings. You must not associate with such evil priests.

Article #6 Lay believers should be strictly prohibited from visiting [heretical] temples and shrines. Moreover, priests should not visit slanderous temples or shrines, which are inhabited by demons, even if only to have a look around. To do so would be a pitiful violation [of the Daishonin’s Buddhism.] This is not my own personal view; it wholly derives from the sutras [of Shakyamuni] and the writings [of Nichiren Daishonin].

Article #21 You should not sit together with slanderers of the Law [at religious ceremonies] for fear of suffering the same punishment as they.

Kwai Leong: Wah! Looks like Soka Gakkai members are prohibited from meeting Nichiren Shu priests. I am not sure I totally agree with the above admonitions, but since these admonitions were laid down by Nikko Shonin, I shall refrain from voicing my objections.

Tee-san: Of course, we have to strictly obey Nikko Shonin’s admonitions. Unless you tell me that you understand Nichiren Daishonin’s heart better than Nikko Shonin and your level of understanding of Daishonin’s Buddhism have surpassed that of Nikko Shonin.

Kwai Leong: Errr….

Tee-san: Frankly speaking, I watched a lot of kungfu movies and I like Shaolin priests a lot for their bravery and marvelous kungfu skills but not the Nichiren Shu priests, since they are following the teachings of 5 senior priests whom betrayed Nichiren Daishonin. SKT and LKK must be out of mind to go to attend their exchange meeting.

I heard they and their gang have been going around instigating our members not to do gokuyo. Why do they want to stop members from doing monetary contribution?  Why do they look down and blame those who continue to do gokuyo by saying they do so because they are afraid of retribution or bad karma?

Look! I have been practicing for 40 years now and I never miss any gokuyo in order to show appreciation and gratitude to the Gohonzon and gakkai. Without Gohonzon and gakkai I won’t be what I am today.

I also know many members have increased the amount of contributions due to many great benefits they have received. If they’re really afraid of retribution, I think they would just contribute a small amount or maintain the same amount. Don’t you think so?

Kwai Leong: I don’t understand why they are so generous. No comments.

Tee-san: I know most of these are people have good careers and social status, some of them are successful businessmen. I think by saying that they continue to do gokuyo because out of fear of retribution is utter nonsense and insulting their wisdom. Most members can think for themselves and know what it right and wrong. Most of them do it out of sincerity and gratitude.

Kwai Leong: Well, I have my thinking on gokuyo too but generally I agree with you most members do it out of sincerity and gratitude but we should monitor closely how gakkai spend our money.

Tee-san: Oh, definitely. But now with Crowe Horwath, the 5th largest accounting firm in Malaysia as SGM’s auditor, I have full confidence in gakkai top leadership to manage our finance wisely. We just need to keep a close watch and the most important thing is to fully focus on kosen-rufu activities.

By the way, I really enjoy doing shakubuku nowadays. Although my Han only manages to achieve nine Form 18 for Professors of Happiness till now, all of the leaders in my Han really feel the joy of shakubuku. It is a breakthrough for all of us. It has been a long time I never feel so happy and satisfied. Now we are working very hard and determine to achieve ten Professors of Happiness by end of this year. We are also nurturing these new members to receive Gohonzon next year.

Eh, sorry, I’ve got to go now. My hancho has made an appointment to meet a new friend at 11.30am. Sorry, today I talk too much, you are a lecturer, I should have listened to your opinions than keep talking just now. Anyway, hope to catch up with you soon.

Kwai Leong: OK, no problem. Thanks for sharing, bye-bye!