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“Thus have I heard” or just hearsay – Part 3

People with Prejudice Human being are all creatures of emotion, many of our actions and desires are greatly influenced by what we like and dislike. Just ask yourself again, in all the above incidents, have you been wisely and seriously looking into all incidents from all angles without prejudice and without emotion? Truly differentiating right and wrong by seeking the truth but not based on like or dislike? Many of these people parroting loudly on ‘Rely on the Law and not the persons’ but they themselves follow the person they like or dislike emotionally. Being emotional, filled with prejudice...

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“Thus have I heard” or just hearsay – Part 2

The sin of slandering the Law Trying to destroy the organization of the Buddha’s will and decree, slandering the sincere practitioners of Mystic Law and misled and destroying the conviction of innocent members.  Do they know what karmic retribution have they accumulated in the form of words, thoughts and deeds, for even once? And some are doing it everyday, every hour and every moment of their lives. In the Gosho, Nichiren Daishonin warned “The point is that even minor slanders may lead to serious ones, and then the effects one must suffer would be far worse.” [<The Embarkments of...

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“Thus have I heard” or just hearsay? – Part 1

“Thus have I heard.” A phrase that begins in many sutras. The sutras are records of Buddha’s teachings that were committed first to memory and passed down orally, and later put into writings. This phrase represents a testimony to the validity and accuracy of what was about to be set down in writing in the form of a sutra. The accuracy contains the truth and the spirit of Buddhist teaching. In the Ongi Kuden, The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teaching says : The ‘heard’ of “I Heard” indicates the stage of hearing the name and words of truth....

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