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Who intentionally created the “Black Day” on 08th Jan, 2017?

On January 8, 2017, approximately 9.30am, a group of about 20 Soka Gakkai leaders came somewhat prepared to create a scene in front of the Ikeda Peace Auditorium (IPA), recording the darkest moment in the history of Soka Gakkai Malaysia. It started with “Huat Gor” whose leadership position had been terminated by the organization attempting to enter IPA by force, followed by “Mark Gor”(MG) and his wife “Ling Jie” (LJ). LJ, who is said to have practiced Nichiren Buddhism for many decades, began to shout at the protection group personnel, supported by some 20 to 25 other leaders and...

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Anti-gakkai Group Creates Trouble Again

On 21st April, 2017, a few Gakkai representatives went to KL 232 BRP venue to carry out the task of termination as a meeting venue. Unfortunately it turned ugly and became the battle of Gakkai’s dedicated disciples and the ten troops of Devil King of the Sixth Heaven. In spite of continuous abusive attacks from the devil troops, Gakkai representatives remained calm and maintained composure and successfully completed the task, the battle with the devilish forces have indeed become a golden chapter in their lives. Many people cannot understand why did Gakkai want to stop using BRP venue for...

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