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NBA – Friend or Enemy? – Part 3

Written by : Evil Buster 1)       SGI members should honour the true and genuine spirit of Mentor and Disciple no matter what, by reaffirming our own determinations to stand up as Bodhisattva of the Earth and strengthening our commitments to advance Kosen-Rufu with the same sincerity and will as our mentor, President Ikeda. 2)       We should constantly renew and reaffirm the promises we made to Shakyamuni Buddha to propagate the Mystic Law in the “Emerging from the Earth” chapter of the Lotus Sutra basing on the path of Mentor and Disciple. 3)  ...

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NBA – Friend or Enemy? – Part 2

Written by : Evil Buster i)         The NBA and their rebellious sympathizers employ twisted logics as their basis for arguments in order to fit their needs. j)        Their behaviour fits what had been described in the Gosho of a person who “cleverly uses lies and flattery to capture the hearts of those of little knowledge and destroy the goodness within them” k)       As we know, NBA and their sympathisers plotted to destroy the Soka Gakkai (“SG”),  GD and Central Leadership of SGM. SG is a universally recognised organization that...

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NBA – Friend or Enemy? – Part 1

Written by : Evil Buster a)       What a real silly question to ask? So Sorry to be so bold but it is better to be bold now than to be sorry or to be conned later! b)       Yes, “ENEMY” @ “BUDDHA’S ENEMY” is an undeniable, indisputable and definite answer to this question. c)       The above is a weird and worthless question intentionally mooted by anti-gakkai group to imply and falsely justify “righteousness”, yet it expresses the “questionable” right behaviour and right contention of NBA and their rebellious sympathisers. d)  ...

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