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Say What?  Should I do Gokuyo for SGM!!! (Part 3)

The Spirit of Offering and Creating Fortune through Gokuyo made to SGM All/any Gokuyo and financial contributions made to the SGM are significant and meaningful (“Contributions”). All our Contributions to SGM including our sincere prayers, time, efforts and care for one another, are treasures and great fortunes. Financial offerings, too, are tremendous causes. With all of our Contributions made to SGM, we are creating and making great causes for our own happiness. When we make sincere offerings or Gokuyo to SGM, we are making a cause to change our destiny— just as it’s true that when we chant, we...

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Say What?  Should I do Gokuyo for SGM!!! (Part 2)

The Spirit of Offering and Creating Fortune through Gokuyo made to SGM Extract from SGI President Ikeda’s novel The New Human Revolution serves as a practical road map for how to further expand the kosen-rufu movement. President Ikeda appears in the novel as Shin’ichi Yamamoto. “Though one may perform meritorious deeds, if they are directed toward what is untrue, then those deeds may bring great evil, but they will never result in good. On the other hand, though one may be ignorant and make meagre offerings, if one presents those offerings to a person who upholds the truth, one’s...

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Say What? Should I do Gokuyo for SGM!!! (Part 1)

It is another unscrupulous and evil attempt by NBA and rebellious sympathizers (who were still cowardly hidden in dark within the organization) to slander, demonize and mislead people into thinking the integrity of SGM is questionable with malicious slur, completely fabricated falsehood and manipulated reasons. Now, to determine “the unbiased/unprejudiced evaluation of the credibility of serious allegation against SGM on the alleged breach of governance and alleged abuses of transparency ” made by the writers/accusers of evil blogs – should be called into question, and; Credibility will be undermined if, on balance, the explanation cannot be supported by or...

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The Beautiful Spirit of Gokuyo in SGM

The spirit of Gokuyo in SGM is remarkable and praiseworthy. A traditional we as members of SGM are always very proud of. Our comrades of SGI in other countries have high regards on our Gokuyo spirit in Malaysia. Some of these countries gracefully invited some SGM members and leaders to share their experiences of Gokuyo in their respective countries. The spirit of Malaysian Gokuyo can be traced back to mid-80s when we started the plan to build the SGM Culture Center (Cheras). Led by the former GD, late Mr. Koe Teng Hong and our pioneers, he went for nationwide...

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