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Sunrise in SGM : Part 8 – Stepping into 2018

Year 2017 has come and past. Reflecting on the activities in SGM, we can sum it up as a year of learning, realization, and a magnificent breakthrough. We learnt that it is absolutely necessary to have strict controls and governance in SGM, particularly in dealing with betrayers and slanderers of the true law. We will not give up on expressing our concerns and share our thoughts and reasoning as to why      this is right. It is our responsibilities to protect the members and the organization from these betrayers and slanderers. We must continue to refute the evils and...

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Sunrise in SGM : Part 7 – Two Thumbs Up to SGM

2017 is certainly a victorious and magnificent year for SGM. Two thumbs up to SGM. Yahoo! Hooray!! What a “LOUD” revolution it was, where all SGM members can cherish for the rest of their lives. A life enriching and proud victory to witness themselves and to relate to their next generations. Through “Many in Body, One in Mind” and with the spirit of “Oneness of Mentor and Disciple” the entire SGM became one and shook the entire earth in Malaysia, calling forth more than 10,000 Bodhisattvas of the Earth to rise up. What a magnificent scene, never seen before...

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Arrogant and erroneous views of WWL

WWL, why so arrogant and misleading? It’s out of one’s mind and being so malice, deceit and arrogant in making a slanderous statement about the similarities between SGM and Nichiren Shoshu @ Nikken Sect! STOP YOUR HABITUAL LYING AND EVIL SPEAKING like a fool-drunken-man who curse, slur or even lie through your teeth! How low, foolish, spiteful, deceitful can you be to run into it continually!   HAVE THE FEAR OF THE LAW OF CAUSE and EFFECT, and do really desire to have a CONSCIENCE VOID OF SLANDERS towards Nichiren Buddhism, towards our mentor in life, and towards our Gakkai. For not feelings of shame...

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As of 2nd January 2018, at around 3:40 p.m., SGM broke through the 10 thousand Professors of Happiness (PoH). The chatgroups were flooded with messages of joy and appreciation. Those who had surpassed their target were humble of their achievement. Those that did not, they renewed their determination to continue to challenge together with our mentor in life. Such victories have yet again, proofed that the SUNRISE has risen in SGM. The challenge began in Jan 2017, when the organization made a pledge, as a respond to our mentor in life to shakubuku 20 thousand PoHs by end of...

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Over the past two years, we have learned that NBA and their supporters have been plagued by a deeply ingrained confrontational attitude of resorting to hate, anger, malicious lies or prolong slander toward the Gakkai and its central leadership. Unfortunately, NBA and their supporters have expressively demonstrated a slanderous and revengeful tendency toward practices and actions that run-counter to the essential spirit of the Daishonin’s Buddhism. Their actions are disrupting unity and hindering the propagation of the Daishonin’s teachings. When NBA and their supporters denounce Ikeda Sensei, recklessly condemn and demonize Gakkai, it is done with a malicious intent to confuse, abuse and mislead our members in...

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The Recent Removal of Leadership – Well done SGM!

Do not compromise on the basic doctrines of Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings Again, we shouldn’t be surprised, the recent articles published in the evil blog QR is indeed a lie from the heart of a liar. With this, the lecturer(s) set out to openly confess in his own words and exposes himself as a Heretic cum the Writer and the Owner of Evil Blog for rejecting many of the tenets of the Daishonin’s Buddhism and fundamental of spirit of Mentor and Disciple. WWL is one of the infamous arrogant lecturers – Soka Gakkai outside, but very anti-gakkai inside. Despite constant, strenuous and on-going efforts for a...

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