Why is He so Uncomfortable with Sensei’s Photo?

We really don’t know what’s wrong with this smart lecturer. Why does he feel so uncomfortable with Sensei’s photos? He keep arguing he has Sensei in his heart and yet it is unbearable for him to see Sensei’s photo at SGM Centres. For him, to put larger than life sizes photo of Sensei at SGM Centres is like putting “celebrity photos on highway advertising boards”. He must be kidding. I have been practicing for more than twenty years but I don’t worship Sensei. I respect and follow him as my mentor, and of course I am very happy to see his photos.

You make your own judgement on the following screenshots taken from his evil blog QR:


Did SGM ever teach its members to spread the Law by using Sensei’s photos? Absolutely NO!

Yes, we do share the greatness of Sensei with others and urge them to follow his example as a true practitioner of Daishonin’s Buddhism but we never ask them to worship Sensei. So why does this evil blog intentionally mislead others by implying SGM is wrong by putting Sensei’s photos at SGM Centre?

Traitors will Twist the Facts to Suit Their Own Agenda

Anti-Sensei Anti-Gakkai Group has no shame or sense of guilt in altering or to erroneously interpret any such teachings to suit their personal interests…..Sick!

  • They have no gratitude toward Sensei and pioneers in Gakkai.
  • They cheat, lie with no moral righteousness, no sense of contrition.
  • No intellectual precision and no sense of history.
  • Traitors and Ingrates just don’t care about the life of the mind or the life of the senses.

Gosho states: “People will slander each other or fawn upon one another, and the laws will be twisted until even the innocent are made to suffer.” – On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land.

  • The horrible aspect about slanderous acts committed by Traitors and Ingrates is that it creates a wall between the hearts of members, destroying the unity and go deeper to betray and defy our Mentor.
  • Once fenced off by this wall, our hearts become victim to the three poisons of greed, anger and stupidity.
  • Then we unconsciously destroy all of our own good fortune.

Whoever Denies the Mentor-Disciple and Sensei as our Master in Life alike to what is the use of Thread without a Needle? 

  • Anti-Sensei Anti-Gakkai folks cannot properly understand the basis of Nichiren Buddhism if they resist the idea that Ikeda Sensei is Our Mentor.
  • Buddhism is a teaching of mentor and disciple, expounding as it does the oneness of the Buddha (mentor) and living beings (disciples).
  • The Lotus Sutra is the great path that provides the underpinnings for the solemn principle of mentor and disciple – a path that, when this principle is faithfully followed, leads to our eternal development as human beings.”Daisaku Ikeda, World Tribune, 06/25/99.
  • The mentor-disciple relationship has always been a key to Buddhist practice.
  • In theLotus SutraShakyamuni exhorted his disciples to always practice the sutra true to the spirit in which it was taught.
  • But the aim of the mentor-disciple relationship in Buddhism is not that the mentor exacts obedience from the disciple, but that the mentor seeks to train the disciple to achieve an even greater state of development than that of the mentor.

Nichiren Daishonin (ND) repeatedly stressed the importance of this philosophy of the mentor-disciple relationship as one of the core teachings of Buddhism.

  • This was because, however much the Lotus Sutra might teach the concept of universal human salvation, and these remain empty words unless there are people who are actually putting the teaching into practice.
  • In particular, even though religion can be said to exist for the sake of ensuring human happiness, there is an inherent danger that in fact people will become downtrodden by religious authorities.
  • This makes the mentor-disciple relationship even more essential.
  • This is not a matter of dogma or ritual: it is the transmission of the mentor’s spirit, a burning desire to help people achieve happiness.
  • Because learning takes place through human interaction, through the lived example of the mentor, the relationship between mentor and disciple is the noblest means of inheriting the spirit of Buddhism.

 If we would understand this teaching, never waver or stray from seeking our Sensei for guidance, this is the profound truth and heritage of Gakkai.

What Good if We Practice Mentor-Disciple?

ND has made it clear his idea of the mentor-disciple relationship as one of the fundamental teachings of Buddhism, and it has expounded in many Gosho.

  • ND made it clear that simply knowing these truths, however, is not enough – we must practice them with no slightest doubt or not to be misbelief by the delusional thinking and  distortion from the Anti-Sensei Anti-Gakkai Group.
  • Our debt to Sensei, our mentor, who guides us, who bars us from the erroneous path and directs us to the correct path, is profound.
  • In the Daishonin’s Buddhism, mentor and disciple stand on absolutely equal footing, sharing the same goal of disseminating the correct Buddhist practice.
  • The mentor values the disciple’s potential while the disciple, inspired by the mentor’s example, gains confidence in his or her innate Buddhahood.
  • For this reason, the success of such a relationship primarily develops through the disciple’s self-awareness.
  • Because the three founding presidents, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, Josei Toda and Daisaku Ikeda were keenly aware of the importance of mentor and disciple, they spread Buddhism on an unprecedented scale, thus enabling millions of people to lead lives of supreme happiness.

To be continued……