This article is to refute the viciously distorted view of Mentor-Disciple (“M&D”), an outrageous lies and even absurd nonsense posted by Anti-Sensei Anti-Gakkai QuietRevolt people at evil blog “QR“, yet associated with compulsive lying, compounded long-term personal grudges and hatred, extreme jealousy, nastily belligerence, obsessional behaviour.  Without saying, it is obviously the workings of evil forces of Traitors and Ingrates who are still cowardly and sneakily hiding in the dark within our organization, we know who they are!

  • Right here, we expressed no reservation and appeal to SGM to immediately get rid of these Traitors and Ingrates and expel them from our organization,  considering Traitors and Ingrates are  so despicably evil and they are Buddha’s Enemies.
  • Their baseless and unwarranted comments are starting to sound like the response of Heretical Teaching, more appropriately – being no difference and affiliated with Nikken Sect.  As if, Buddhism practiced in Soka Gakkai has been hijacked by our Mentor and the SGI.
  • It is of utmost unforgivable, their traitorous and delusional thinking have intentionally belittled, defied and dismissed our Sensei as our Mentor in Life. So disgraceful and extremely disgusting!
  • Only those people with this disorder become die-hardly obsessed with a vengeance to continuously belittle and disprove our Sensei and demonize our Gakkai, and;
  • Their delusions can be seen to stem from the overdosed poisons of hatred, grudges, stupidity and personal failures.

Below is taken from this evil blog:

We know this guy is a lecturer that likes to talk so much, he wrote two long articles on QR blog to explain his distorted view on Mentor-Disciple. To him, SGM top leadership’s way of urging members to respond to Sensei’s call of expanding the network of Bodhisattva is a “weak leadership that lack self-confidence”.

Does it mean that when Sensei called upon all gakkai leaders and members to rally around Toda Sensei during Osaka Campaign in 1956 and many other shakubuku campaigns is also a form of weak leadership that lack self-confidence? Utter nonsense!

To brand SGM top leadership entrusted by Sensei as “weak leadership that lack self-confidence” is very disrespectful to our Mentor and sheer arrogance beyonds words.

If the so-called “weak leadership that lack self-confidence” can inspire so many leaders and members to respond to Sensei’s call of expanding the network of Bodhisattva and as of today successfully shakubuku 3,900 new members nationwide and 1,100 in KL respectively, so be it.

We don’t remember the “strong leadership with evil intention” of SKT team ever achieved 500 new members in KL in a year when he was still leading KL regions. So which is better? To follow the so-called “weak leadership that lack self-confidence” yet strictly follows Mentor-Disciple Spirit or to follow the “strong leadership with evil intention” that betrayed the Mentor? Wake up man, our rebellious lecturer!

Come on, who leads you Anti-Sensei Anti-Gakkai folks to the Law? Even though, you are die-hard supporter of Anti-Gakkai at NBA and Nichiren Shu or opted to practice “independently” without Gakkai, you still owe a great depth of gratitude to our Sensei. Read, think, ponder and understand our Mentor never ever give up any struggle for sake of our happiness:

  • Mr Makiguchi gave his life for the sake of spreading the Law without begrudging his life and anything, and;
  • And he died in prison for upholding his beliefs, was subjected to extreme harsh & cruel treatment but never defeated.
  • For sake of the propagation of this True Law, the three founding Presidents of the Soka Gakkai endured all manner of hardship and persecutions to open up the path of worldwide kosen-rufu.
  • We must engrave and never forget this spirit of theirs.
  • To encounter a great teacher or mentor is the source of supreme happiness.
  • This is because, the M&D of Soka Gakkai have overcome and prevailed all kind of obstacles and hardships based on the same vow for kosen-rufu as Nichiren Daishonin (“ND”) himself.
  • We must never stray from the path of M&D .
  • It is a powerful driving force for us to overcome all types of negative functions in our lives.
  • We always look upon & towards Sensei for guidance and it is the only legitimate heritage we can depend on.

To Anti-Sensei Anti-Gakkai folks – please get back to your conscience, let’s take this opportunity to have a good discussion of what has been taught by your Evil Mastermind Behind-The-Scenes Sifu J Leong. If your evil “Sifu” don’t follow Nichiren Daishonon Buddhism, Daishonin has told you NOT to follow them.

  • All of the slanderous personal stuff prescribed on the evil blog is a distraction from the glaring distortions of Nichiren’s teachings.
  • It was intended to disrupt or attempting to disrupt the sincere practice of genuine disciples of Nichiren – is the goal of Traitors and Ingrates and their Sympathisers who have not been able to persistently uphold and persevere the correct and genuine faith in the True teachings of Daishonin Buddhism.
  • Yes, Traitors and Ingrates also do well at expressing the delusions, lies and arrogance to not only but also making fool on oneself and others.

To be continued……