On 21st April, 2017, a few Gakkai representatives went to KL 232 BRP venue to carry out the task of termination as a meeting venue. Unfortunately it turned ugly and became the battle of Gakkai’s dedicated disciples and the ten troops of Devil King of the Sixth Heaven. In spite of continuous abusive attacks from the devil troops, Gakkai representatives remained calm and maintained composure and successfully completed the task, the battle with the devilish forces have indeed become a golden chapter in their lives.

Many people cannot understand why did Gakkai want to stop using BRP venue for Gakkai activities. Actually a group of Gakkai dissidents have been using this venue to spread unfounded allegations and slanderous lies (so far nobody is able to substantiate their allegations with concrete proofs) manufactured by leaders of then Johor Rescue 2 (presently leaders of NBA) against Gakkai since the beginning of 2016. They have been using this meeting venue to carry out  activities that are detrimental to Gakkai and caused distrust against Gakkai and disunity amongst the members, clearly violated the terms and conditions stated in the tenancy agreement. This venue indeed have become a place for slandering the Gakkai and the Law. It is worth mentioning that the co-owner of the venue Madam Meily Chew is one of the 44 leaders that resigned en masse on March 13, 2017.

In fact, terminating BPR as a meeting venue is a simple termination agreement between SGM and the venue owner, why were there more than 20 people that had nothing to do with this matter appeared and disrupted the Gakkai team to carry vacant possession handover process? When SGM representatives were discussing how to carry out the task at the corridor, the anti-gakkai people kept pushing SGM WD rep to the outside of corridor under the raining condition, worse still even the 70-year-old Honbu Chief cannot escape being forced to stand outside under the rain. One of their WD Lai MF also splashed water towards Gakkai representatives. Where is the righteousness and compassionate spirit that this group has been shouting all along?

This anti-gakkai troop’s behaviour was very rude and offensive, they keeping scolding and shouting at Gakkai representatives and treated them as if they’re the prisoners, especially Lim LH and Ho FC. After that the venue ower, Mr. Chew LA proceeded to read out a message from his handphone to condemn SGM.



After being repressed, abused and feeling their lives were being threatened, Gakkai team then decided it is pointless to discuss with these samseng-like people and wanted to leave the venue. To their horror these samsengs immediately droved and blocked one of Gakkai rep’s car with four cars. Meily Chew and Lim SL then entered the car and demanded Gakkai representations to return to the meeting venue to retrieve the Gohonzon which belongs to Gakkai.


A few anti-gakkai men then pushed and shoved, surrounded and forced SGM team to enter the venue. Someone later wanted to lock the gate, it was really like they wanted to put SGM representatives in to a prison. After the chanting and then removing the Gohonzon from the Butsudan, Meily Chew and Chew TA (the venue owners) started to cry and the crowd also tried to make the atmosphere as sorrowful as possible. The crowd continued to abuse Gakkai representatives when they were making their way out.

About an hour later, some leaders and members started to receive video clips of this incident sent by unknown people, many people did not know who’s the sender. It is very obvious people with ulterior motives had intentionally planned for this to happen, they twisted the facts to attack Gakkai with evil intention. If we review the whole incident, Gakkai representatives actually wanted to leave after being abused and threatened and felt it’s pointless to deal with these people, but they were forced to go back to retrieve the Gohonzon by Chew, Lim SL and others. Why didn’t they allow Gakkai representatives to leave the scene and insisted they must retrieve the Gohonzon? Is it because they’re worried they would lose this golden opportunity to record this drama that can be used to attack Gakkai?

They’re also people spreading false news that Gakkai did not give any prior notice to the venue owner that the tenancy of the venue will be terminated. We have checked and verified that Gakkai had indeed sent a letter to the owner on 21st March, 2017, informing them of Gakkai’s decision. Another malicious lie by the evil people!

What SGM did was in accordance to the terms and conditions as stipulated in the tenancy agreement and retrieved the Gohonzon that belongs to Gakkai, nothing more and nothing less. Gakkai had no choice but to do this otherwise the anti-gakkai group will continue to use the venue to carry out activities that are detrimental to Gakkai. Gakkai’s action is in fact the highest compassion to prevent these people from further creating bad causes in their lives by slandering Gakkai and the Law. But look! These people never repent and continue to twist the facts and maliciously created some video clips to create havoc and caused confusions amongst Gakkai members. How pitiful!

It is very obvious these people have carefully planned this episode to create a sorrowful atmosphere, and video recorded this and then selectively sent some video clips to portray Gakkai as heartless and merciless, so that some leaders and members will be conned and manipulated into believing in it. This is the evil works at the highest level. It is very sad to hear even some seniors with 30 to 40 years of faith and are respected in the society were successfully manipulated and failed to see through the true nature of this incident and the whole truth. They also believed and agreed with the evil people that Gakkai is merciless. Don’t you know this anti-gakkai group has been using this venue to attack Gakkai and caused disunity amongst the members? Do we want them to continue to use the venue to do this? Letting them continue to slander and do as they wish is considered as compassionate? Can’t you see that the sorrow scene in the video clips was intentionally created to sway our compassionate hearts?

It is very important that all leaders and members will not believe in the twisted story and fall into the trap set up by people with ulterior motives simply by listening to the one-sided story and seeing some incomplete video clips that do not represent the whole truth. Unfortunately some of them believe in it and also forwarded the video clips with partial truth to instigate other members.

One wonders why the person who recorded the entire episode and the person who is responsible to spread the video clips did not send out the complete video recording, and chose to send out only a small portion of it? Their cowardly act is exactly the same as 1.8 incident (please browse through https://www.mylionroar.com/featured-videos-and-photos-for-1-8-incident/ for more details), it is very cunning and evil. However, people with wisdom will not be easily fooled by this type of manipulation.

Dear fellow leaders and members of SGM, we urge you to be very careful and do not wisfully spread or send out any unconfirmed information, partial truth and manupulative video clips that will bring harm and damage to our beloved organization. If in doubt please seek clarifications. It is indeed very important for us to stay united to withstand the onslaught of Devil King of the Sixth Heaven at this crucial moment. You, and me may fall into the evil path if we were to slacken in our faith.