We are SGM members who regard Ikeda Sensei as our mentor in life and follow the leadership of SGI. SGM has been subjected to baseless malicious attacks, smears and slanders by some anti-gakkai elements from within the organisation since the end of 2014. These traitors have attempted to create disunity and suspicions within the organization. In the name of justice, we have decided to put together this website in our personal capacity to protect SGM and to refute all baseless, fabricated and malicious lies and rumours against SGM.

We have carried out various dialogue sessions with the sole intention to get to the root of the matter and have also studied information released by SGM previously. We will analyse some incidents that affected the organisation based on the stand of protecting the organisation and from the angle of worldwide kosen-rufu movement. We will gradually refute those malicious lies and issues manufactured by people with ulterior motive in the past two over years.

As mentioned in the Gosho: “Neither non-Buddhists nor the enemies of Buddhism can destroy the correct teaching of the Thus Come One, but the Buddha’s disciples definitely can. As sutra says, only worms born of the lion’s body feed on the lion. A person of great fortune will never be ruined by enemies, but may be ruined by those who are close.” (<Letter from Sado>, WND Pg 302) Those anti-gakkai people are like worms on the lion’s body that will destroy the organisation, and ultimately destroy Daishonin’s Buddhism. Therefore we will do our utmost to refute their malicious lies and evil preaching, as well as unmask their true colours.

It is very unfortunate that the recent anti-gakkai incidents have adversely affected some dissident members and sympathisers. They regard themselves as Sensei’s disciples, but refuse to follow SGM top leadership endorsed by Sensei. Worse still, they collaborate with anti-gakkai websites “Daylight” and “QuietRevo” (Quiet Revolt?), and other social media platforms to continuously attack and slander the organisation.

We believe this website must be set up to speedily refute baseless rumours thrown against the organisation so that innocent people will not be adversely affected. This website can also become a platform for all to share your views on recent incidents.  As Toda Sensei often said, “Soka Gakkai is more precious than my own life, because it was the only organisation in the world, indeed, in the universe, acting in accord with the Buddha’s intent and decree to carry out kosen-rufu. As such,we have to protect it.” (NHR Light of Happiness (17), pg 32). It is our hope that you will stand up together with us, to protect Soka Gakkai Malaysia, an organization painstakingly built for us by our mentor.

The Daishonin teaches us : “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?” We urge everyone to chant like the roar of a lion and pray to the Gohonzon so that justice will prevail and Soka Gakkai will triumph over the evil forces. Meanwhile, it is our hope we will surmount all obstacles with the power of lion’s ferocity and Soka Spirit.